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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the fight between left and right over who should head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and whether President Trump gets to make that decision and why the Constitution makes this an easy call.  They also shake their heads as House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi offers a pathetic and hypocritical defense of longtime Rep. John Conyers, who reached a settlement to end a sexual harassment allegation and has also been accused by other women.  And they respond to the Twitter proclamation of New York Times columnist Charles Blow that he cannot be friends with anyone who supports President Trump.

Does the DuBose Shooting Video Support Officer Tensing’s Account?


DuBoseWhen I first saw the body cam video of then-University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing shooting motorist Sam Dubose, I was taken aback. It made no sense for a relatively friendly, even jovial, conversation to devolve so quickly into a brutal shooting. Even after covering policing issues and violent crime for two decades, it was shocking. But something about it did not seem right.

It started with prosecutor Joe Deters’ statement that there was “no threat” to Tensing from DuBose. Yet it was obvious DuBose had pulled away from Tensing and started his car. A lethal threat, justifying deadly force? Perhaps not. But certainly he was an actively resisting suspect.

In fact, according to Deters and other self-appointed experts like the New York TimesCharles M. Blow, the video proves that Tensing’s account was a lie. Here is Blow’s expert analysis: