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Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim. Today, Jon and Greg discuss the House Republicans passing legislation to encourage more domestic energy production. Plus, they note Majority Leader Steve Scalise calling out Biden for throwing up hurdles to domestic exploration while asking for help from nations that hate us. They also react to a Manhattan grand jury indicting President Trump over details concerning his payments to Stormy Daniels back in 2016. With even the Washington Post editorial board suggesting this is a bad idea, what will be the legal and political fallout now and down the road?  Finally, they react to reports saying that CBS News is now telling its reporters not to mention that the Nashville killer was transgender.

Join  Jim and Greg as they appreciate CBS catching up with other reports in realizing the Hunter Biden laptop is real, but they also note the timing matters because of the upcoming GOP House hearings on the Bidens. They also groan as Disney boots CEO Bob Chapek and brings back former longtime CEO Bob Iger. Jim says there are financial reasons for the move but suspects politics are a major factor as well. Finally, they note former UN ambassador and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley strongly hinting towards a 2024 presidential run and they wonder just how big this GOP field is going to get.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news that Democrats are getting increasingly worried about Senate races in Washington and Colorado. They also groan as Hillary Clinton re-emerges to spuriously claim Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is on some sort of lifelong grievance crusade. And they break down AOC’s call for abortion clinics on federal land in red states.


Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Judge Cahill publicly rebuking Rep. Maxine Waters for demanding a guilty verdict and demanding more confrontation from demonstrators if they don’t get it. They also hammer CBS News for talking about where some of the jurors live as we wait for a verdict. And they cringe while discussing a legal effort to decriminalize incest in New York. Finally, they share their memories of former Vice President Walter Mondale, who died Monday at age 93.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the nearly unanimous public condemnation of the treatment of George Floyd and that there must be justice in the case. They also note that some will try to use the looting and arson from Wednesday night to drives wedges in that united front. They also unload on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for having the gall to suggest that nursing homes are to blame for accepting COVID-positive patients when New York forbid nursing homes from rejecting such patients or even testing incoming patients for COVID-19. And as CBS is forced to make layoffs in the news division, they’re stunned to see news reports that the list reportedly includes respected White House reporter Mark Knoller.

No bad martinis in sight today. Nope, we’ve got all crazy ones for you!  Today, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America shake their heads as outspoken liberal Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr suddenly has no opinion on China throwing a fit over one pro-Hong Kong tweet from a general manager in the league.  They also roll their eyes as CBS announces it will be making a miniseries out of former FBI Director James Comey’s book about his career.  And they react to the very different opinions of GOP Trump challengers Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford, as Walsh demands impeachment and Sanford says he will probably vote for Trump if the president wins the GOP nomination next year.

The laughs are even more abundant than usual today on the Three Martini Lunch!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America begin by applauding CBS for reporting the real headline from the new books on the Kavanuagh fight – that one of Christine Blasey Ford’s supposed witnesses was pressured to lie to support Ford’s story.  They also enjoy seeing poll after poll showing Sen. Kamala Harris is slipping badly from her position as a top tier candidate.  And as liberal critics wring their hands over Andrew Yang joking that he knows a lot of doctors because he’s Asian, Jim and Greg suggest everyone lighten up and have some fun with their own ethnicities.

Green Shoots in the Cultural Wasteland at CBS?


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/bd/CBS_Eyemark.svg/768px-CBS_Eyemark.svg.pngIn the midst of college students and Democratic politicians behaving badly, might there be signs of second thoughts by more responsible, more moderate leaders? Cop shows have been used to make progressive political points for years. Episodes on two CBS shows this January featured messages that seemed quite out of synch with the dominant narrative. Are these green shoots in the cultural wasteland?

A recent Blue Bloods (CBS) episode, “Disrupted,” had Tom Selleck, as Frank Reagan, delivering a speech from the head of the family dinner table against the transmission of campus behavior into general society; he called it destructive. I was astonished to hear this full-throated defense of civil society on a major broadcast network.

At about the same time, another CBS property, FBI, “A New Dawn,” had an aging radical professor as the villain, comparing him to Osama Bin Laden manipulating his young college students to behave like jihadis. The hero FBI characters used those terms. On CBS. Further, when an agent expressed her progressive disgust with the “alt-right provocateur” victim, the female FBI supervisor corrected the agent, saying the agency does not do politics and must defend free expression, even when speech is disagreeable.

The Most Powerful Woman in the World Is a Man


The #MeToo movement may be on the verge of claiming its biggest scalp to date. On Friday, The New Yorker published allegations of misconduct against the Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer of CBS, Les Moonves.

Unlike Harvey Weinstein’s company, CBS is a publicly traded behemoth. Moonves has led CBS to huge profits, $13.7B in revenue in 2017 and healthy 4 percent increase from the previous year. People like having Moonves where he is, atop the television network with the most viewers in the nation. So it will be interesting to see where this leads. According to the article, Moonves’ egregious behavior spanned from the 1980s to the late 2000s. Perhaps he learned the lessons of the Clinton years well, lessons that the American Left is only now beginning to regret.

Which brings us to our titular subject, “The Most Powerful Woman in the World,” which, in fact, appears to be a man. Despite there being heavyweight women in the news media — reporters, anchors, editors, publishers — a list that’s long and varied, it is a man that’s truly leading this movement. And that man is Ronan Farrow.

The 20th Century Called … And They Have the TV Remote


Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen with daughter Candice on The Charlie McCarthy Show 1952 (Photo: CBS)

CBS announced on Wednesday that they have reached a deal with creator Dianne English and star Candice Bergen to revive Murphy Brown, a 10-year hit for the network that first debuted in 1988. It is just the latest in television’s zombie lineup of shows that been repeatedly stabbed, shot, blown up and generally worn out but simply will not die.

The Mouse That Ate Hollywood


It’s been rumored for a couple of weeks now but it became official on Thursday morning. The Walt Disney Company is acquiring the majority of assets from 21st Century Fox, thereby creating the world’s largest media company by far. This deal will have regulatory hoops to jump through all over the world and will probably take 18 to 24 months to close.

It’s much easier to list the assets that Disney will not get as opposed to what they do get. Not included in the deal:

  • Fox Broadcast Network
  • Fox News and Fox Business Channels
  • FS1 and FS2
  • The Big Ten Network
  • The Fox Lot in Century City

What is included in the deal are the Fox Sports Regional Sports Networks. This will gut the available streaming content on FoxSportsGo. It will also be interesting to see if Disney chooses to hold on to them or spin them off to someone like AT&T who has jumped into the RSN business with their purchase of Root Sports last year. It could provide product for the new ESPN Plus streaming service and see all of the regionals rebranded under the ESPN name. Or taking on all of the additional rights fees for a contracting cable universe could be a killer. Disney could save tons of money by nationalizing the content of the regionals but maintaining the distribution model. In other words, why have two separate feeds for the home team and the away team when you could have just one under the ESPN banner? What the teams lose in in-game promotion mentions could be compensated for in free commercial spots.

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Heads up Ricochet! Our good friend David Deeble will be on color TV tonight! Program the DVR or adjust the rabbit ears and tune in the CBS Late Late Show. You’ve been warned. Rehearsing my segment on the Late Late Show w/ James Corden. #EventProfs @Concept_Artists @bigspeak @SimplySueSpeaks pic.twitter.com/5mb2DWajiM — David Deeble (@DavidDeeble) May 26, 2016 […]

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Morley Safer is dead – whatever that is. One of 60 Minutes old guard, he died today at 84 after retiring just last week. What was not well known about him is that he was among the many Canadian journalists who came to the US for opportunity and riches but for years steadfastly refused to […]

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The Uncertain Future of Stephen Colbert, the “Superman” Who Bleeds


Things are not going well.Drudge teased this headline all day as “developing” then finally gave us a link to the New York Times: “CBS rebooting ‘LATE SHOW’ with Colbert…

It’s a show that certainly needs a “reboot,” since “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” has been a ratings failure — unwatchable to at least half the country. Why? Because Colbert is just another in long line of preachy lefty “political entertainers” who sacrifice humor for message.

Here’s something the lefty Hollywood elite just doesn’t get: Right-leaning people do enjoy your content — even though you insult the non-lefty half most of the time. If people on the right didn’t consume your product, you would not have the millions of dollars you’ve earned to pay for the several homes you inhabit. People on the right have the ability to just let it go … but we do have limits.

The Good Wife: “Winning Ugly”


CBS photoLast night on CBS’ The Good Wife, an episode titled “Winning Ugly”dramatized a ballot tampering cover-up by Democrat party officials desperate to maintain a super-majority in the Illinois State Senate. The victim of the ploy was a fellow Democrat, the show’s heroine Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies). There was no moral ambiguity: the Democrats were ruthless villains out to achieve their ends by any means necessary. Florrick, recently elected State Attorney, was framed, then told to accept her fate for the good of the party by officials who sounded like Politburo members. One online re-capper nailed the morality in a headline: It’s Their Party and They’ll Lie if They Want To.

Such ethics are true to the episode’s Cook County setting, but what a surprise to see that Chicago on network prime time! And it’s not the first time. The episode gives credence to a claim by the show’s writer-producers that their writers’ room is politically and religiously diverse. Last week they did a timely moot court debate acknowledging the conflict between same sex marriage and religious freedom. In March, the program earned praise from no less than Brent Bozell for an episode touching on abortion.

I’ve seen all of The Good Wife, and this political tack to the center is a relatively recent phenomenon. So riddled was the show with liberal assumptions that I’d have stopped watching long ago were it not for its beautiful look – classy production design, great costumes, attractive cast – and the decisive vote of my wife, who is fascinated with Margulies’ intelligent, introverted interpretation of her character.

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That was fast. CBS announced this morning, after a week’s worth of speculation, that Stephen Colbert will indeed take over for David Letterman when the host of the Late Show retires next year. According to an official announcement Colbert has a new five-year deal with CBS. “I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone […]

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