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Citizens in places like Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and the other cities that have seen rioting in the last few months are hoping for some respite as the summer ends. Whether it arrives or not, their financial interests have already been severely damaged, and most of them don’t even recognize it yet. But they will. Everyone must pay the piper after the dance.

When you insure your house, one of the things the insurance company looks for, in terms of assessing risk and setting premiums, are things like your local fire department. How is it rated? Is it a city service, or is it manned by volunteers? What are response times like? That’s because the most common loss associated with insuring houses is fire. Thus these questions have an impact on assessing the risk and setting the premiums.

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shutterstock_136718327A couple of years ago, I had a sebacious cyst on my back. It was relatively small because it drained freely, but my wife was disgusted and ordered me to have our doctor remove it. At the time, I was on my company’s PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) health insurance, so I simply had the procedure done, paid my co-pay, and went about my business. I subsequently received an explanation of benefits in the mail some time later describing the amount paid by insurance, the cost of lab work done to examine the cyst afterward, and some other information regarding deductible expenditures.

Well, as sometimes happens, the doctor failed to get the root of the cyst and had sealed up the drain. So, a couple of years later, what was formerly a tiny hole was now a bulbous mass on my lower back which was steadily growing. Thus, I made an appointment at the general surgeon’s office for a routine cystectomy.