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Hillary Clinton: Living Dangerously


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-7-54-24-pmComedic value aside (“probe”, “device”, “Weiner”), what we know for certain is that the FBI has reopened its investigation into the into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified material after discovering emails from the then-Secretary of State on a computer used by the former congressman/full-time pervert Anthony Weiner.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I miss the days when you were expected to bow-out of public life the moment your penis appeared on the internet. But the 1990’s were simpler times: in that ancient era the belief was that it was as much for your own good as for the public’s.

Yes, there were jokes at Weiner’s expense. How could there not be? As with Jeb Bush, Weiner was already behind the 8-ball with his last name. He should have understood that, unfair as it is, he had to walk a tighter rope than others. His repeated lies about someone hacking his Twitter account in order to make fun of his last name contributed to the merriment, if only because they flattered our contempt for the political class. The fact that he was young for a politician but well-on in years for a man who doesn’t understand how the internet works only contributed to our amusement.

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So Anthony decided to resurrect his inner “Carlos Danger” and share the Weiner again. Huma Abedin, a.k.a., Mrs. Danger and your White-House-Chief-of-Staff-in-Waiting has announced she has had enough. Quite frankly, one is tempted to say, “Who cares? The world is spiraling out of control and this means nothing.” The announcement that the couple was separating […]

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