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Helping Others Struggling During the Quarantine


I’ve been part of several conversations, now, that touch upon (or pound upon, depending) the deleterious economic effects of measures being taken and/or recommended to limit the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. Whether or not these measures are too much, too little, or just right — and whether or not we’ll ever know how close we came to hitting the sweet spot — I am both persuaded that Wuhan is a serious threat and very aware of the risk to the economy that the attempt to slow rates of infection is causing. Friends, neighbors, and even my own children are already feeling the effects, and the damage to their financial well-being may take a very long time to repair, if it can be repaired at all.

I’d point out that, for those of us who are relatively less affected, because we’ve got gummint jobs, gobs of money in the bank, or a relatively impervious retirement fund, Wuhan provides an opportunity for charity in the best sense of the word. Here are a few of my ideas — I’d welcome yours as well!