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Keep Your Hands Off My Coffee!


One of the smartest decisions that my husband and I ever made was leaving California more than 10 years ago. The state is once again trying to make an obscene intrusion on the lives of Californians, and they are truly insane this time. (Yes, I know they’ve gone insane before, but this one is, for this coffee drinker, over the top.)

According to a WSJ article, California is once again trying to terrify its residents with a cancer fear — for coffee. You see, coffee has acrylamide, a flavorless chemical produced during the roasting process:

Acrylamide is one of more than 900 chemicals on a list of those known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Businesses must warn about the presence of any of the chemicals under the law, known as Proposition 65.