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Strange sighting in Northern Virginia


Today, as usual – I was walking our dog down the local road and was shocked to see two of our neighbor kids playing in their back yard; they are probably about seven and ten years old.  They are our closest neighbor in one direction – about 1/4 mile, but we have much closer neighbors who have children who have grown up in the 18 years they have been here.  It is extremely rare to see them in their yard (about 4 acres) and we have never seen them anywhere else.  There are several other houses within a half-mile and the situation is the same.

Now, let me explain.  We live in far north Northern Virginia.  Our lot has about an acre of woods, across the street is probably 10 acres of woods with a creek and a swamp and a pond.  About 1/4 mile to the west is “Short Hill Mountain” (emphasis on short, but it is steep) which is all wooded.