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Imagine if Pete Seeger, and subsequently The Byrds, had modified Ecclesiastes to include cannibalism for a folk song…or a folk rock song. They would have been ahead of their time, even if they weren’t progressive enough to mention eating bugs. From the proponents of bug-eating at the New York Times comes a thought piece of […]

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Lab-Grown Long Pig?


The latest episode of The Remnant features Jonah Goldberg answering questions from listeners, including one about Jonah’s views on veganism and animal rights. In the answer to that question, they talk about lab-grown meat. As an aside, they note that scientists are close to growing lab-grown human meat.

Say wha..? Now, I haven’t investigated this at all, but the science of it is utterly irrelevant to what I’m about to ask: How would you react to lab-grown human meat produced for human consumption?