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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. “Cancel Culture” is Intellectual Eugenics


A hundred years ago, American progressives were big into eugenics, in an effort to purify the gene pool by selectively killing off and preventing the breeding of people they thought of as undesirables. To the early 20th century progressive, this included blacks, criminals, and those with disabilities.

Today, American progressives are big on silencing dissent, in an effort to purify the intellectual space by squelching ideas and opinions — and sometimes data — that they think might lead people into “wrong thinking.” To the modern progressive, this includes any idea that is contrary to up-to-date progressive ideology: a lot of things that were completely anodyne and almost universally believed as recently as the year 2000 would now be forbidden by the left’s benevolently censorious mobs.

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. The Not-so-Merry Month of…Closed


The two descriptors that define this month of May, 2020, are Closed and Cancelled. Around us, events and places everywhere have been cancelled, and closed, due to the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic. For this Memorial Day, services at the two cemeteries near our home have been cancelled, and this is a general rule around Western Washington. This week, we were notified that Seattle has canceled Seafair, including the July 4 fireworks, hydroplane races on Lake Washington, the Torchlight Parade, and other festivities. President Donald Trump has indicated that houses of worship, including churches, synagogues, and mosques, are Essential for society, and should remain open. The governor of Washington begs to differ. [Western Washington has some of the highest rates of “nones”, people who subscribe to no religion]

Everywhere you go, you see businesses with CLOSED signs in their windows. We took a day trip up to the Skagit Valley north of our house, to the little town of LaConner, one of our favorite places.