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Fencing Off an Attractive Nuisance


People have been choosing to take some risk and expense to come to this country, rather than others closer to their home country, in part because our federal government, with the collusion of both major party establishments, allowed access to our social welfare system. It took President Trump to finally uphold our written laws, finally getting the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice personnel in place who would not continue resisting American law and the policy preferences of a presidential electoral majority.

On Friday, a short statement from the Press Secretary thanked the Supreme Court for doing the right thing and noting the new DHS rule on immigrants’ access to welfare programs will go into force this Monday.

Statement from the Press Secretary

President Trump to Attend New York City Veterans Day Parade


The Secretary of Veterans Affairs announced on Friday that President Trump would be the first president in United States history to attend the New York City Veterans Day parade on Monday. This will be the centennial of the annual commemorations on this date, starting as Armistice Day, then changing during World War II to Veterans Day in the US, and Remembrance Day in the British Commonwealth. New York City reportedly hosts the largest Veterans Day parade in the country.

It will be interesting to see if the left shows up to disrupt with their usual violent street theater. Do the mayor and governor have to show up and make nice? It would be nice to just look forward to great pictures and video of the parade participants and appreciative crowds focused on honoring our veterans.

And what about that press conference? The Q&A is informative, as the Secretary blows through the opening hostile questions and works on to substantive questions with great historical and organizational knowledge. Who knew that the Army started tracking suicide during the administration of Benjamin Harrison, concerned about our frontier army? Who knew that the suicide rates around World War I were highest among non-deployers?

Facts and Feistiness, vs. Fake Feelings?


The Cabinet meeting this Monday was chock full of facts and feistiness. As a matter of fact, of a whole series of interconnected facts, the American people are experiencing the tangible benefit of electing a politician who actually takes his campaign promises deadly seriously. I commend the whole transcript or the video to your consideration.

One sample of facts and feistiness especially struck me: there has been a substantial, real reduction in overdose deaths for the first time in 30 years! For those scoring the presidential game at home, a president gets a maximum of eight years, and the two big parties do tend to fall in and out of favor, or vary in the quality of their bench, so we already know this is a bipartisan milestone. 2018 minus 30 takes us back to 1988, which just happens to be the last year of President Reagan’s administration, if my math is correct.

You remember President Reagan, and all the sophisticated snark about Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” (to drugs). Oh, that program continued on under its own inertia for a few years into the 1990s, but there was new thinking with new presidents: President Bush the First, President Clinton, President Bush the Second, President Obama.* Now we have a doer for president, who won on the basis of appealing to forgotten and discounted people in some of the places hardest hit by the opioid epidemic.

True Compassion


President Trump has, at long last, the support of an administration team that is actually supporting his goals. Just as he fulfilled the decades-old bipartisan promise to move our embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Israel, so too he delights in finding other areas of law and policy that the swamp kept submerged or tangled up for decades. He is about to do so again, this time on immigration, and it can be a broader winner if he promotes it correctly.*

The president is taking up the old establishment on its false public professions: that all immigration benefits America, and that immigrants are not a burden on working-class Americans. Since we have been repeatedly assured that immigrants come here to work and do not wish to be burdens, or mooches on our health system, naturally it is reasonable to verify visa applicants have the resources to obtain health insurance at their own expense, or the expense of a sponsoring employer. So, President Trump is doing what Presidents Obama and Bush refused to do:

President Donald Trump announced Friday that legal immigrants will be denied visas unless they can prove they have health insurance or the means to cover medical costs.

President Trump: Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good


President Trump hosted another event at the White House to highlight job training and opportunities, together with the claim that companies do well by doing good. This was a different set up than most past events. Instead of people standing around him and people being called to walk up to a microphone, President Trump sat in a group circle. His eldest daughter, Ivanka, was the lead presenter, but the real focus was on people who have long been discounted.

The president sat next to a military veteran, an African-American woman. She told about the military giving her job and life skills and now Toyota, in America, opening doors and challenging her to increased responsibility, to advancement through the skilled labor ranks. She sat next to a suit, a Toyota executive, representing one of many corporate leaderships who President Trump has alternately praised and browbeaten on behalf of American workers, “forgotten no more.”

Promises Made, Promises Kept; More Promises Made.


President Trump kicked off his reelection campaign with a rally in Orlando. VP Pence was the opening speaker, doing his usual polished job. First Lady Melania Trump spoke beautifully:

It has been my honor to serve as First Lady of this incredible country for the past two years. And I’m excited to do it for six more. I am proud of all my husband, this administration, and the whole family have done on behalf of the American people, in such a short time. He truly loves this country, and will continue to work on your behalf as long as he can. All of us will. Thank you all again for being here tonight. And now, I want to introduce my husband, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

President Trump was in fine form. He called out the Democrats and the media for trying to steal and then undo the 2016 election. He said the attack was on the voters, the people who had been put down and forgotten by career politicians. The president rehearsed the craziness and hatred coming from the Democrats, towards the American people, and warned Democrats must not be allowed back in control of the country. He especially pointed out Democrats’ reckless disregard for the most vulnerable Americans, who are most harmed by floods of illegal immigrants taking jobs, services, and increasing gang crime. He expressly claimed the Democrats’ immigration position is all about their own political careers.

Why Should Independents and Trump Democrats Trust Martha McSally?


There are significant reasons for the razor-thin race in Arizona between two Congresswomen. Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema are focused on getting the votes of the 3 to 6 percent still undecided. Martha McSally’s basic problem is overcoming the dead weight of the past two Republican Senators, who damaged the party brand for that critical subset of voters. I have urged Martha McSally to clearly declare herself on the side of the MAGA agenda, including the 2020 election, as Ambassador Nikki Haley did. Unfortunately, Congresswoman McSally has not. So what are these voters to do?

Arizona, as with many other states, has moved heavily towards mail-in ballots, and early voting at physical polling places. The fight, now, may be over only about 20 percent of votes in the election, if an estimated 80% cast early ballots. The currently counted early ballot statistics, by party registration, look similar to past years, so gives no strong support to any candidate approaching the winner’s circle. Since undecided voters have held off, there is a real fight to gain the election-winning votes.

Provided that there is near certainty of holding and growing the Republican majority in the Senate. There are reasonable grounds to reject Martha McSally, as the Arizona GOP favorite, punishing them for a primary and general campaign that suggests more of the same betrayal on core promises. There is a case to be made for a Senate election strategy of “elimination as addition,” that produces a more coherent majority, more faithful to the core promises made for the past 10 to 40 years.

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We can be lulled or driven to distraction with the polling political fantasy league. The converse problem is confirmation bias. We see what we want. The Senate seems to still be trending the Republicans’ way, as long projected. The House is trending towards a toss-up. Everyone has their favorite reader of palms, caster of bones, […]

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Another Letter to Congresswoman Martha McSally


https://media.breitbart.com/media/2018/10/Trump-McSally-rally-Arizona-getty-640x480.jpgDear Congresswoman McSally,

I deeply admired your true courage and integrity in your long fight to force the Department of Defense to live up to the Constitution, not subjecting military women to the outrageous demand they conform to a 7th Century dress code in a country we were keeping free from Iraq and Iran. I was pleased to cross your path in the Davis-Monthan photo facility, as I was taking another Army board photo, and you were getting a command photo. The Air Force did the right thing, eventually, despite your righteous, eventually public, fight against bad policy.

You seem stuck a week out, still unable to persuade about three to six percent of Arizona voters to commit, but you can overcome this reticence, if you show your military career courage and integrity. The weight holding you down is the recent history of the past two Republican Senators. You must show, not say, that you will not stray from your campaign promises.

It’s Official: SCOTUS Home Page


A screenshot from Saturday evening, October 6, 2018.

If you clicked on “Oath Ceremony – Photos,” you saw both Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy administering an oath to Justice Kavanaugh. This is because they take two oaths: the Constitutional Oath, followed by the Judicial Oath. It is worth considering the brief histories, and the words of the oaths, in light of the outrageous smear campaign that is not over yet. If jurists truly lived by their oaths, why would there be such a war over a particular vacancy?

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One of Trump’s most focused political critiques of the Obama administration, during both the primaries and general election, was the issue of immigration. In fact as everyone remembers he started his campaign by alleging terrible damage has been done to the United States of America by illegal immigrants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbyoUb3mp1E Preview Open

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In his post http://ricochet.com/respectable-positions-on-trump/ St. Augustine mentions “Trump’s promises to intentionally target civilians in the war on terror.” as a reason to not vote for him. Others have reacted to similar over-the-top remarks by Trump pertaining to illegal Mexican immigration, as well as his promises to make Mexico pay for the wall, save Medicare, Medicaid […]

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