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Victor Davis Hanson looks at how the Left’s rhetoric on the environment, immigration, and higher education have become increasingly divorced from reality.

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The title of this post comes from David Zetland, as quoted in Ron Bailey’s recent book The End of Doom. It came to mind when I was thinking about this analysis of the minimal hit to California’s economy resulting from the drought: Second, within agriculture, roughly 80-90 percent of employment and revenues are from higher-valued crops […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. The Eureka Podcast: Drought and Despair in California


In the newest installment of the Eureka podcast, Hoover Institution fellows Carson Bruno and Bill Whalen are joined by Stanford political science professor Bruce Cain (Director of the university’s Center for the American West) to discuss the ramifications of the California drought, how government may have compounded the problem, and whether or not residents of the Golden State have to settle for a future of rock gardens and being fined for overwatering their lawns. Listen in below:

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ArkWe all know, or have been endlessly badgered to believe (even from the Pope), that Anthropogenic Global Warming (or Climate Change, Climate Disruption, Climate Annoyance) that has caused the conflict in Syria, the near imagined extinction of the polar bear and, of course, is a bigger threat to world peace than a nuclear Iran or Russian troops amassing on Eastern European borders — is also responsible for the four-year California drought.

Don’t you dare believe for a minute that droughts in California are a periodically recurring phenomena recorded well before the onset of the Crusades, before the signing of Magna Carta, before the Renaissance, and well before the Industrial Revolution or the emergence of the internal combustion engine, Al Gore or Hillary Clinton’s private jets, or Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht. Ignore what redwood tree rings may indicate or that there are these things called “deserts” in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Surely, that’s irrelevant (and don’t call me Shirley).

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. The Classicist Podcast, with Victor Davis Hanson: “Drought and Decline in California”


Tired of being depressed by Supreme Court rulings? Why not switch it up a little and get depressed by California? In this week’s episode of The Classicist, VDH walks us through the real-world implications of the drought, explains how the state’s political decline owes to bigger cultural trends, and gives his defiant rationale for why he won’t be leaving California anytime soon. We’re still waiting for the show to go live on iTunes, but it is already available for subscription on Stitcher. Listen in below:

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. The Classicist Podcast with Victor Davis Hanson: “The New Dark-Age Mind”


As promised yesterday, here’s the second installment of the Hoover Institution’s new The Classicist podcast with Victor Davis Hanson (don’t get used to this pace — from here on out we’ll be releasing one new episode per week). Fair warning: this episode should probably be accompanied by a tumbler of scotch. Our topic: Victor’s thesis that the West is beginning the descent into a new intellectual dark age — something that he sees signs of everywhere from Ferguson to college campuses to the halls of power in California. Listen in below: