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A Good Corruption


Taxi Driver - De NiroLast week in New York, seven men were arrested for using common sense:

It might feel like forever, standing in line outside an airport terminal, luggage in tow, waiting for a taxi. But when cabdrivers obey the rules, it is likely that they have waited just as long, if not longer — idling in a lot, awaiting the go-ahead from a dispatcher. Some drivers have found a way around the wait: Hand some cash — usually $5 or $10 — to a dispatcher, and then drive straight to the terminal. It is hardly a new tactic. Over the years, dozens of dispatchers have been caught in sting operations meant to stop the payoffs.

This form of “corruption” is quite routine at La Guardia and other airports. Yet it’s not the dispatchers who are the corrupt villains of this story: it’s the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The actions of the dispatchers are the logical outcome of an egalitarian system put in place by the Port Authority itself.