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“Obsession” A Members Event Zoomcast


From the moment Donald Trump was elected president, even before he was inaugurated, some Democrats were calling for his impeachment. First it was on the margins but it grew steadily until it became both a media and Democratic Party-wide obsession. After the disappointment of the Mueller report, they focused on a phone call to the president of the Ukraine and then began impeachment proceedings with eventual acquittal in the Senate.

Veteran reporter Byron York chronicles the whole saga, using his unequaled access to sources inside Congress and the White House, in his new book, Obsession. To mark the publication, Ricochet Editor Emeritus Mollie Hemingway will host Byron in a live Ricochet Member’s Event Zoomcast on Thursday Oct. 1st at 7:30 pm ET/4:30 pm PT.

Mark the date, get your questions ready and join us! We may even give away a copy or two. (And if you’re not a member, here’s another reason to join!) Details for the login will be posted closer to the date.

The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump begins in earnest Tuesday. Nobody knows the charges better than Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who was there for every step of impeachment’s way in the House. The articles of impeachment are actually quite brief, and we go line-by-line through the accusations against the president. Jordan answers them all — he appears to be able to recite key documents by heart — and argues that the Senate should simply dismiss the case before the trial even begins. A preview from a key player in the House.

Two Podcasts


May and June are typically busy months for me, thanks to the confluence of end-of-year volunteer work at the little Catholic school which, until the last one’s recent graduation, my younger three children attended, and the product release cycle of my largest client. During these months, pretty much everything else — the lawn, social media, folding the laundry, working out, recreational reading, my modest social life — takes a back seat to these seasonal exigencies.

However, my drive time remains unchanged, and I’m still able to fill it with podcasts. Two, in particular, seemed worth mentioning today.

John Dowd was President Trump’s lawyer during a critical time in the Mueller probe. Boy, was there a lot going on behind the scenes. A peek inside the epic battle of the presidency with the president’s attorney.

Member Post


Two reminders based on demographics: First, the “Turn Texas Blue” movement is just a fundraising ploy, not a serious campaign. While state R’s might act stupidly enough to get punished at the polls, there’s no reason to suspect Texas will go blue in Presidential elections anytime soon. Dems tell their donors that the growing Hispanic […]

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