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Hillary is currently campaigning saying that “we would all be better off if we went back to the economic policies of the 90’s”.  Clearly, she wants to raise taxes on 98% of the population, while letting the top 2% off scot free. (The Bush tax cuts applied to the entire population.  They were subsequently eliminated […]

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Did Hillary Clinton Really Just Blame the Bush Tax Cuts for the Financial Crisis? Does Bill Agree?


Hillary-Clinton-6-14-15-Reuters-500x293During her presidential announcement speech over the weekend, Hillary Clinton offered this interesting explanation for the Financial Crisis:

We’re still working our way back from a crisis that happened because time-tested values were replaced by false promises. Instead of an economy built by every American, for every American, we were told that if we let those at the top pay lower taxes and bend the rules, their success would trickle down to everyone else.

What happened? Well, instead of a balanced budget with surpluses that could have eventually paid off our national debt, the Republicans twice cut taxes for the wealthiest, borrowed money from other countries to pay for two wars, and family incomes dropped. You know where we ended up.