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Brian Riedl and Shai Akabas discuss the U.S. federal budget, budget negotiations, and why Congress hasn’t addressed the rising national debt—even as it gets worse.

The case for a “grand deal” on the budget has never been more evident: within a decade, annual budget deficits are projected to exceed $2 trillion. Entitlement programs are projected to drive trillions in new government debt over the next few decades. Yet increasing partisanship and political polarization—both in Washington and among voters—have significantly diminished the likelihood of bipartisan cooperation to avoid a fiscal calamity.

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Secretary Mattis pointed out (starting 41:30) that there are National Guard and Reserve troops who likely drove or flew to monthly weekend drill this Friday evening only to be told to go home, there will no training. This is different from service members on active duty and deployed. Beyond what he said, no drill means […]

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Hugh Hewitt: Kill the Filibuster


Well, knock me over with a feather. It appears that Speaker John Boehner is showing some spine. A few months ago, the GOP developed a plan in response to Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty: Fund the rest of the government, then pass a separate spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security that would deny Obama the funds to implement his amnesty. The House did their part, and passed the bill. Now, as expected, Senate Democrats are filibustering it. What is a pleasant surprise is that the House leadership is standing firm, in the face of inconstant Senate GOP leadership and hostile media coverage.

So how to overcome the opposition? Hugh Hewitt argues that Republicans should follow in Harry Reid’s footsteps, and eliminate the filibuster. He writes: