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Nothing Is Certain But Death and Taxes. The IRS Can Deliver Both


In Orwellian Washington, DC-speak, a “budget reconciliation” bill is winging its way through Congress. Under the post-Watergate 1974 Budget Control and Impoundment Act, “reconciliation” bills have special status, especially in the United States Senate.

More Orwellian than calling it a “reconciliation” bill is its actual title: The Inflation Reduction Act. It does no such thing. But by the time you read this, it will likely have passed the Senate and is on its way to being rubber-stamped by a House narrowly controlled by Democrats and signed by a clueless, hapless, and compliant President. The Senate vote, I predict, will be 51-50, with Kamala Harris breaking the tie. There is always a chance a Senator won’t show up but don’t count on that.

Orwellian Boondoggles in Congress. Again.


The nation’s oldest polling company, Gallup, periodically tests Americans’ confidence in our institutions. On July 5, they published their latest. I bet the numbers won’t surprise you. While Americans continue to hold small businesses, our military, and the police in high esteem, Congress is ranked dead last.

Americans despise Congress more than Jar Jar Binks.

Even nine of ten Democrats polled don’t have much confidence in an institution their party controls.

Make Them Take the Purge Pledge


Ballot boxKevin McCarthy, who quietly colluded with Lyin’ Ryan to sabotage the first two years of President Trump’s administration, owns the actions of his caucus members. He owns the vote for the radical left assault on single-family home communities, the American dream for all ethnic groups, and clearing the biggest obstacle to Joe Manchin voting for the monstrous Build Back Better Act. McCarthy’s crew knew exactly what Manchin wrote and said the day before the Virginia election. For the sake of our republic, for our own states, our communities, our families, our lives, McCarthy must be expelled from Republican leadership, and all those who enable him from this day forth must have their political careers ended, without exception, in 2022. Voters can force this outcome by demanding every Republican primary candidate openly reject McCarthy before we consider any other campaign position or promise.

McCarthy’s motley crew knew the American people, across parties, socioeconomic circumstances, and ethnic identities, were rejecting Biden’s radical wrecking and remaking of America. Republican politicians expect to be given the majority in the House, and possibly the Senate, next November. McCarthy is the man who would be Speaker, and he let turncoats give aid and comfort to our domestic enemies, who loathe us. Our domestic enemies have declared open war on us, with the same hired guns that killed mothers and children in Idaho and Waco, Texas. Labeling parents who dare defy school board functionaries “domestic terrorists” means pointing men with automatic weapons at moms. It does not matter that the head of the American Stasi is a bespectacled bureaucrat. So was the last head of the German Stasi, Wolfgang Schwanitz.

Stasi sounds a bit extreme? My point is the current leadership in Congress and the Executive are lowering the barrier to official violence with their rhetoric about us, despite terrible past instances when government rhetoric, characterization of their target, led to deadly government violence. In that context, Republicans, squishy moderate to right of Attila the Hun, have no business giving any oxygen whatsoever to the fire, no matter the goodies slipped into a bill to their benefit.

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The odds are that you’ve never heard about the “Automatic Boost to Communities” Act, HR 1030. It’s a bill sponsored by anti-Semitic “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and co-sponsored by seven other congressional economic giants, including noted Boston University Econ major Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY). It is pending before the House Ways and Means […]

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I’m waiting for a sane Democrat (oxymoron alert) to say that it’s “darkest before dawn.” It would at least add a little levity to the negotiations that resemble more a locker room brawl that is spilling out onto the field for everyone to see. Nancy Pelosi broke her promise to vote Thursday on a bipartisan […]

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Economic Illiteracy on Parade


The new Democratic talking point about their $3.5 trillion budget “reconciliation” is that it “costs zero dollars.” You read that correctly. From our avatar president’s Twitter feed:

The last line tells us how Democrats define “costs zero dollars.” It “adds zero dollars to the national debt.”

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Hugh Hewitt, 65, hosts the second-longest-running radio talk show in the United States. With hundreds of affiliates in nearly every state, Hugh is also a former attorney, law professor, former Reagan Administration official, and perhaps the best interviewer in all media. I especially love how Hugh interviews journalists from the mainstream media and expertly schools […]

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Has Snidely Whiplash Schumer Been Foiled Again?


As previously discussed, Senate Democrats, with their slim tie-breaking vote majority, have been trying to find a way to pass an aggressive agenda. It includes not just an expansive $2 trillion American Jobs Plan “infrastructure” spending package – very broadly defined – but a massive tax increase to pay for much of it.

The Senate’s 1974 budget rules provide the only way a majority party can pass legislation by a simple majority (51 votes, if everyone shows up, including the Vice President). But it has fit within the context of a federal budget – spending and taxes – with further “Byrd rule” prohibitions against “extraneous” items, increasing the deficit beyond a certain point and touching Social Security.