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Story Hour with Bridget Phetasy is a segment where Bridget reminisces with cousin Maggie and tells stories explaining who she is and how she got here. Full transcript available here: WiW6-PhetasyOriginStory-Transcript

Bridget Phetasy shares the definition of the word Phetasy (a word she made up). The origin of the company, taking it on tour across country for 6 months, the eventual downfall of phetasy.com and the hope for its future resurrection. Along the way hear stories about a crazy ex-neighbor who thought Bridget was spying on her for Oliver Stone, how Bridget met her (now ex) husband from Belarus when he was working as a busboy, the “days of soup and toast”, and why attempting to cross the border into Canada with bundles of t-shirts wrapped in white plastic bags and duct tape is a bad idea.

This week Bridget welcomes Paul Shirley, former NBA player, published author, and founder of Writers Blok, a communal workspace for writers in Los Angeles. Paul talks about the role sports play in helping us learn to fail, operating at peak capacity, how having too much free time can be paralyzing and why being a people-pleaser is both his biggest asset and greatest weakness. Paul and Bridget debate whether cavemen had more free time than we think they did, discuss overcoming internal resistance and agree that setting constraints on your life is helpful. Be sure to check out Paul’s podcast Stories I Tell On Dates.

Chloé Valdary, (The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Atlantic) freelance writer and deep thinker, talks with Bridget about dealing with Imposter Syndrome, the death of art, why revolution is easier than governance and the three things she learned from Bret Stephens. Chloé and Bridget discuss their shared desire to see all humans flourish while they analyze the joy that being snarky can bring. Don’t miss their fascinating takes on intersectionality, astrology and why dudes want to fight – always. Be sure to read Chloé’s fabulous piece on intersectionality – Whiteness is Blackness and Blackness is Whiteness.

Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development) talks with Bridget Phetasy about his early job selling graves over the phone, their morning routines, embracing the uncomfortable, dark nights of the soul, trusting in your skill as an artist and how the key to life is to keep moving forward. Listen in as Jeff discusses why he’s so supportive of other artists in the industry, marvel that neither one of them knows Ariana Grande’s real name, and hear them almost decide to become roommates in the latest episode of Walk-Ins Welcome.

This week Bridget Phetasy interviews Rosie Moss, actress, waitress, Bar/Bat Mitzvah coach, Hebrew school teacher, very busy human. Rosie shares her first experience on a network show in an episode of The Connors. She and Bridget discuss traversing the chasm between your dreams and reality, the curse of always wanting more, why the people you surround yourself with are what make you successful, and how touch football saved her.

Hello New Ricochet Family


I’m Bridget. Some of you might know me from Twitter (@bridgetphetasy)–it’s my primary residence. I’m very excited about my new podcast, Walk-Ins Welcome, that has been given a home here at Ricochet by the benevolent folks in charge. Each week I’ll talk to a guest about grit: how they persevere in life and how they get out of their own way. The idea for this show evolved as a reaction to what I see as a growing culture of victimhood; so instead of whining about how everyone is victim (and perpetuating the problem), I wanted to create something that motivated people and made them laugh.

For my debut episode I welcomed actor Steve Howey (you might know him as Kev on Showtime’s Shameless) and we cover a lot of ground from his first agent, the odd jobs you have to work before you “make it” to his thoughts about free speech, “let the psychos speak so we know who they are.”

It was important to me to create an evergreen hour that exists outside the news cycle, a little oasis you can tap into in the middle of a hard week or weekend or whenever and fill up on some humor, some stories and maybe a tip or a quote that invigorates you to keep fighting that good fight against your own demons. In a world that feels increasingly crazy, we can only control one thing: how we react to it.

Learn about Steve Howey’s (Shameless) journey into acting and how getting a national Coca-Cola commercial right out of the gates was the worst thing that could have happened.  He talks marathons, triathlons, how he pushes himself beyond his perceived limits and why the mind is a dangerous place.