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Join Jim and Chad as they celebrate the U.K. lifting its fracking ban. They also react to reports that Senator Susan Collins will support Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, essentially ensuring Jackson a spot on the high court. And despite assurances they are pulling back from Kiev, the Russian military continues its campaign.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to encouraging reports of Ukrainian resistance against the Russian military, including the sinking of the Russian landing ship called “Orsk”. They breathe a sigh of relief as Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer confirms fellow Justice Clarence Thomas is OK and recovering from an infection. And a $700 million dollar yacht allegedly belonging to Vladimir Putin is sitting empty off the coast of Tuscany as the Russian crew working on it suddenly abandoned the vessel.

Join Jim and Greg as they wonder if Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s inability to define “woman” disqualifies her from the high court. They cover Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s announcement that many more interest rate hikes are coming and that inflation may last for three more years. And Russian Climate Envoy Anatoly Chubais steps down, citing his opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.

Advise. Don’t Consent.


Justice John Masrshall by Henry Inman

Justice John Marshall by Henry Inman.

Lawrence Tribe says that the Vice President cannot legally function as a tie-breaker in a judicial confirmation vote.

If he’s right, that would give the GOP leverage in the confirmation process. But the Senate GOP needs to take its role seriously. Too many Republicans say things like, “The President should get the justices he wants, as long as the nominees are qualified.” Lindsay Graham has put that saying into practice.

Join Jim and Greg as they interpret better than expected economic growth from the fourth quarter of 2021. They discuss how US action on Ukraine will impact how a rising China views Taiwan. And they examine why some Democrats are enticed by the possibility of Vice President Harris being nominated to the Supreme Court.