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Just happened to come across this story about Joe Lonsdale and the creation of the University of Austin. A lot of well-known people connected to it. Might be worth keeping an eye on, as far as building parallel institutions go. https://nypost.com/2021/11/08/university-of-austin-founded-by-writers-and-entrepreneurs/ Preview Open

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ACF PoMoCon #11: The Three Waves of Liberalism


This weekend, the podcast’s back to cultural criticism–Oliver Traldi and I continue our series of conversations about the world the internet is making. We about the quarrel between Progressives and liberalism, about the noble free speech stand of the Intellectual Dark Web and their difficulties with accounting for that nobility, about generational politics–Boomers, X-ers, Zoomers, and Millennials fighting it out to define American culture anew, the transformation of the internet from a place of anonymity to competitive exhibitionism, and also Aristotle’s treatise on the soul!