Tag: bravery

Running Towards the Fire


So a few hours ago, I was sitting with friends and finishing my drink in their backyard after a long evening of BBQ, and a girl rushes into the yard. “Sorry to bother you, but someone’s house is on fire!”

We quickly headed to the street, where across the street flames rumbled up from the attic. Two different people were calling 911, while the gal who informed us ran over and started banging on the door and windows. I ran to the side where there was a garden hose, but it’s not on. We circle round the back, a guy banging on the door while I look in vain for water. I hear that there’s an old man who lives alone here – renovating this house has been his dream. Other people go to the neighbors and tell them the house next door is on fire – an old lady in a nightgown emerges and looks on in concern. There are police sirens blaring.  I turn to meet them – I want to hand over information to them so they can take control of the scene.

I Won!


Yesterday he thought he could sneak into my office without detection. He had no idea what he was up against. Although I lost him temporarily, I knew he’d be back. They just can’t stay away.

Sure enough, there he was this morning! He wasn’t going anywhere on my watch. Frantically I threw everything off the lower shelf of my bookcase. There! I lurched at him with a towel, but to no avail. But I was determined. I decided I’d have to catch him with my bare hands.