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Brandy: The Brown-Eyed Beauty of Distilled Spirits


Brandy is the brown-eyed beauty of distilled spirits, the one from whom you can never quite get away, despite her flawed and fugitive nature. What I like most about brandy is what I like most about people: the almost inexhaustible versatility.

The Dutch didn’t invent brandy, but the name comes from a Dutch word: brandewijn — or brandywine — which means “burnt wine.” Most (though not all) of the world’s brandy comes from wine. And yet it’s significant to note that brandy can be made from any macerated fruit or fruits: apples, for instance, or pears, or apricots, or cherries, and many other things as well.

It’s not precisely known when in human history people discovered that we can convert food into alcohol through the process of fermentation. It is ancient. A strong argument can be made that the first distilled spirits were horse-milk brandies, whose alcohol was separated by freezing water out of the fermented horse milk during those long Mongolian winters (i.e., it was cold distilled, not heat distilled).

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In my post about snow I mentioned that I like a Tom & Jerry about this time of year.  In the Wikipedia page just linked, I was intrigued to learn that this is a regional treat, and quite a circumscribed region at that.  So even though the local bakery here sells tubs of Tom & Jerry […]

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