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Future Ben & Jerry’s Flavors?


Ben & Jerry's Palestinian sundaeWhat do you think the next Ben & Jerry’s flavor will be? Might it be Arbeit Macht Frei Almond, or River to the Sea Salted Caramel? Ben & Jerry’s went full anti-Semitic this week, joining the BDS movement with a corporate announcement. Their UK-based parent organization, Unilever, distanced itself but did not disavow the New England leftists’ anti-semitism.

Ben & Jerry’s Will End Sales of Our Ice Cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

July 19, 2021

Coronavirus and Anti-Semitism


We have seen the Democrat Party pulled hard back into its bad old ways of Jew-hatred, now thinly dressed up as opposition to the government of Israel that has been repeatedly elected and supported by the majority of Jews in Israel. We have seen repeated demands, from Western Europe to American universities, for the economic destruction of the one nation in the world with a Jewish majority population. Now comes news of another advanced technology innovation from that most hated of states.

Jerusalem Post