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On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum and senior contributor at The Federalist Inez Stepman joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how the progressive, Boomer emphasis on sex positivity hurt Generation Z.

OK Boomer? If Only . . .


Millennials* will sometimes say “OK Boomer” as a way to insult old people they deem to be outdated and irrelevant. The phrase is a slight at the Baby Boomer generation. This intergenerational teasing is fun because many of the Millennials had Baby Boomers as parents. As one author put it,

How did a generation that promised to “teach its children well” end up with a progeny so evil they could give Damien from The Omen a run for his money?

If you look at the leadership in our federal government you might be tempted to say, “OK Boomer” yourself, but there is a problem with that. Joe Biden is 78. Nancy Pelosi is 80. Mitch McConnell is 78. None of these people are young enough to be called Boomers. At a time when Boomers should be stepping aside and letting the super-cool Gen Xers take over, we have leadership that looks at Baby Boomers and calls them “kids.” I mention this because I saw that the average life expectancy of an American is 78.7 years. Perhaps if we have any actuaries out there they can let us know what the odds are that Joe Biden lives through his first term. The thing is, would politicians be more concerned about the future of this country if they actually expected to see a little bit of that future?

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