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The Revenge of the Red Wave


Someone on here recently shared with me that polling is not about reporting objective facts, or even trends among opinions. Rather, polling is aimed at shaping opinion. For those of us who grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning, it’s the modern-day equivalent of “be the first one on your block to have a [fill in the blank].” The cool kids all want to be woke and express the “proper” opinion, and thus, the polling data showing Trump losing shows the “proper” opinion. Thus, polls shape, they don’t describe opinion.

But I don’t buy it.

Who from the FBI Threatened George Papadopoulos?


I’ve been listening to his book “Deep State Target” by George Papadopoulos. When he arrested at the airport by Mueller’s goons, one of them said, “This is what you get for supporting Trump.” I think he told a similar story when interviewed by Mark Steyn. Has he ever identified which FBI agent said that?

I think it’s time for there to be repercussions against Mueller’s team. People need to lose their pensions and go to prison. The leak of Trump’s call is just another example of the Deep State being out of control. I knew that investigations are on-going, but it would be nice if something happened in my lifetime.

Mueller Went Beyond Scope: Sue to Get Back Excess?


It’s been reported that the Mueller intifada against Trump cost about $35M. Yet he knew that there was no collusion by December 2017 and should have wrapped up the investigation then per its scope. Shouldn’t the GAO or the DOJ go after him for all reimbursements after that point? It’s a classic case of a consultant going over budget or beyond scope. Rod Rosenstein should also be asked about this. He was supposed to be monitoring the investigation.

There frequently is a stated goal versus the real goal of an activity. If Mueller’s purpose was not to investigate Trump, but rather to delay investigation into the illegal activities of the intelligence agencies in 2015-6, then the longer the better. The US has become an unusual banana republic where the losers of an election persecute the winners. George Papadopoulos said on the Byron York podcast that one of the people arresting him said, “This is what happens to supporters of Trump.” Even NTers should be disturbed by this.

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As Sarah walked from the diner’s serving room to the kitchen, she knew two things: her blood pressure had already begun to rise, and that it was only a matter of time before her latest customer began screaming like a psychopath. Sadly, it was a routine that they had all become used to. She really […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer Neil Gorsuch and other Supreme Court justices for blasting civil asset forfeiture in an Indiana case that may soon limit the government’s ability to seize property from suspected and convicted criminals.  They also sigh as Jeff Flake forces the cancellation of committee votes on two dozen judicial nominees because he can’t get a floor vote on legislation to protect special counsel Bob Mueller.  They also imagine the sanctimony primary between Flake and John Kasich as both seem interested in launching irrelevant 2020 presidential campaigns.  And they react to Stormy Daniels revealing that attorney Michael Avenatti has filed suits and made statements in her name that she never approved and that Avenatti won’t tell her how he’s spending the money many people have donated to her legal cause.

Donald J. Trump and Eliot Ness: The Chicago Way


When the brilliant screenwriter David Mamet described “the Chicago way” in The Untouchables (1987) in a meeting between Chicago beat cop Jim Malone (Sean Connery) and Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner), the audience instinctively knew Malone was right. Taking liberties with that superb dialogue, here is how Jim Malone would tell Big D how to handle the media and The Swamp:

Malone: (talking privately in a church) You said you wanted to get The Swamp and the mainstream media. Do you really want to get them? You see what I’m saying is, what are you prepared to do?

Partisan Political Origin of the Mueller Probe


It has been stated (notably, on the latest Commentary podcast) “There’s nothing illegitimate about the Special Counsel’s probe.” Is that really so? Consider the following:

1. It was begun as a counter-intelligence investigation (carrying on the previously existing counter-intelligence investigation of arguably partisan origins). The Special Counsel statute does not permit authorization of a counter-intelligence investigation. It must be a criminal investigation with the exact criminal events to be investigated explicitly spelled out (and there are limits as to what can be investigated based on evidence uncovered that is not pertinent to those crimes). The original authorization declared no such possible crimes.

The Dredd Judge Ellis


Last Friday, the Mueller team stumbled into the court of an honest and experienced federal judge, Senior United States District Judge T.S. Ellis III. It went very poorly for Mueller’s man, Michael Dreeben, as Jim George laid out, based on his own years of trial practice. Unfortunately for Mueller and Rosenstein, Judge Ellis is not impressed by DOJ “secret” claims.

You see, this judge presided over the “American Taliban” Johnie Walker Lihnd case, the trial of three Americans accused of supplying secrets to Israel, and an attempt by a former detainee to sue the CIA, alleging rendition and torture. As a Reagan appointee, he is the closest we will get to neutral. A review of three national security cases yielded five points, and reinforced the impression Mueller’s team is in for tough sledding.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome Judge T.S. Ellis reminding Special Counsel Bob Mueller that he does not have “unfettered power” in his investigation and that he shouldn’t use his position to compel testimony towards a desired end in his probe.  They also also shake their heads as liberals are not getting upset with the Justice Department for enforcing existing gun laws and as officials in Broward County, Florida, admit that the Parkland shooter did avoid the criminal justice system for previous offenses by being enrolled in the school-based PROMISE program – and therefore never triggered any red flags when trying to buy guns.  And they wonder why Trump supporters are so upset that John McCain doesn’t want President Trump at his funeral.

Mueller Re-indicts Scooter Libby


Last Friday I stumbled into an ugly DC building on Pennsylvania Avenue in search of the IMC (International Mensa Convocation) where I was scheduled to speak.

After a lingering probe of each of my numerous body cavities, the comely security guardette directed me to check out a meeting room on the second floor where she said there were “a number of other odd-looking people” gathered.