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‘Embrace the Suck’: It’s Time to Bridge What Divides the GOP


There’s nothing more zealous than a convert, goes the old saying. Conversions are deeply transformative. Converts more deeply embrace and evangelize their new faith, whether in religion or politics.

It doesn’t just happen with party switchers. Sometimes, someone wakes up and is politically charged when teacher unions keep schools shut down, or they read the homework assignments their kids bring home in utter horror. Or being unable to find infant formula at the grocery store for a newborn. Paying $5 per gallon of gas might do it, too.

Start Paying Attention to Social Security, Whatever Your Age


After the late Sen. Robert Dole (R-KS) passed away earlier this month, I visited YouTube to watch his Senate farewell address. He resigned from the Senate as Majority Leader and as the Senior Senator from Kansas on June 11, 1996. I had a front-row seat for his speech as Secretary of the Senate.

During that speech, Dole considered helping extend the solvency of Social Security, which teetered on the edge of bankruptcy in 1983, as his single most significant legislative achievement, among many. It was a bipartisan agreement that included reforms insisted by Republicans (phasing in the age to receive full retirement benefits, including mine) and tax hikes demanded by Democrats. It was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, flanked by a happy bipartisan delegation from Congress, along with Treasury Secretary Don Regan.

What Jussie Smollett Really Teaches Us


The American Left is socially distanced from the truth.

Many people have already moved on from the celebrated trial of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett for staging a 2 a.m. attack on himself on a frigid Chicago night in 2019. You know the story. He was found guilty by a unanimous vote of a 12-person jury. Chicago Police diverted many resources – time, money, and people – to investigate his alleged attack. Chicago has other, more pressing issues.

Life Lessons from Bob Dole’s Memorial Service


Services for departed legends convey lessons on life and service. Even silly media distractions.

As a former US Secretary of the Senate, I’m honored to have joined current and former Senators for two notable funerals of historic public servants in recent years. The late Strom Thurmond (R-SC), who died at age 100 in 2003, and Bob Dole (R-KS), who passed last Sunday at age 98, whose memorial service at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, my wife and I attended last Friday. I served as Dole’s third and final Secretary of the Senate over his years in the 1980s and mid-’90s as Senate Majority Leader.

Celebrating a Remarkable Life – Robert J. Dole


It came as a shock. It shouldn’t have, the news that former US Senator and 1996 GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole, 98, passed away on Sunday. It falls on the same day three years ago that he famously but painfully stood in the Capitol Rotunda and saluted the casket of his former political competitor and close friend, George H. W. Bush.

Brilliant and touching prose from prominent people who knew him well or shared parts of his incredible journey and life story are rolling in. Of course, it will be positive, even glowing, and deservedly so. I can imagine Senator Dole, with his famous humor and dry wit, asking “Where were you in 1996?” That’s when he unsuccessfully sought the presidency as the GOP’s nominee, losing to incumbent Bill Clinton. Tributes are already pouring in from his friends, former colleagues, ex-staff, and the beneficiaries of his legendary military, legislative, and public service record. Mine is but a small addition, but we all have our stories and desire to honor his towering legacy. Together, they present a glowing mosaic of courage, determination, compassion, humility, and service.

And yes, humor. He could have easily succeeded as a stand-up comic. As one of a few senior GOP staff would attend occasions closed-door meetings of the Senate Republican Conference, he would often lighten the mood with endless quips, delivered within his famous deadpan style and impeccable timing. Celebrating US Senator Strom Thurmond (R-SC) on his 93rd birthday, he quipped, “I watch what Strom eats. If he eats a banana, I eat a banana.” Thurmond would live to be 100, six months after retiring from the US Senate in early 2003. He was succeeded by Lindsey Graham.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss CNN finally making the obvious decision of firing Chris Cuomo. They also dissect a Washington post story quoting ex-Kamala Harris staffers who offer brutal assessments of her temperament and her work ethic. They roll their eyes as Jen Psaki blames rampant urban looting on COVID. And they remember longtime Kansas Sen. Bob Dole as well as his three runs for the White House.

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Now that Jeb is out of the race, it’s official – Senator Marco Rubio is the new Great Establishment Hope. Former senator, presidential candidate, and all around GOP establishment hack Bob Dole has endorsed Senator Rubio for President.  Senator Dole, whose inspired (cough, cough) campaign for President in 1996 gave us four more years of […]

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