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Group Writing: Blown About By the Wind


What better way to kick off this post than with an anticipatory Quote of the Day?  (It’s back, Ricochetti!  Please sign up for April, here.)

To illustrate this month’s “wind” theme, I thought I’d look to the sage and eminently quotable oeuvre  of a man whose original turns of phrase and newly-minted colloquialisms enlivened English for all of his decades in baseball and beyond; Lorenzo Pietro Berra, better known simply as “Yogi.” Love the fact that his Wikipedia entry carefully states at the outset that he is “not to be confused with Yogi Bear.”  And that the reverse is true, in the heading of the article about the ursine one.  Can’t be too careful when it comes to clarifying what could be seen as misinformation (or even falsehoods trafficked under the guise of satire) if a person isn’t doing his due diligence in rooting out the malefactors and the misrepresentations.

Oh…wait!  A bit of fake news in the annals of which there has not been much whicher.  From the Associated Press, on September 23, 2015:

Blowing in the Wind


I grew up in a relatively narrow mountain valley and so I did not experience the incredibly windy version of the state I called home: Wyoming. I found that it was renowned for its winds because much of the state is just a vast open plain. Then, as a young wife, I was blessed to spend the first 14 years of our marriage “stuck” in San Diego as my husband was active-duty Navy and his unusually specific rate resulted in his just being transferred from one base to another in the same city.

Mind you … I am not complaining that I got to spend almost a decade and a half in Southern California, where I could eat free avocados and lemons that my generous neighbors shared from their trees that hung over the fence in our backyard. And every single day there was no snow. It was a very pleasant lifestyle where the ocean breezes wafted over our part of town every day: not too cool, not too warm, just right.