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Is This Hockey?


I watched a hockey game and noticed something. Sweden and Lavtia were squaring off with no social messages. No ribbons sown to their jerseys. No pink helmet stickers. No “Stop Hate” on their backs, but — this is really strange — just their names. What is up with that? I mean, I didn’t even see a rainbow flag (should “rainbow” be capitalized?) anywhere on or near the ice. Not even a tiny BLM flag in the crowd.

We’re talking Sweden here! A country known for its champion bikini team, Nobel prizes, and meatballs. I’m so confused.

But check this out: on two of the corners, outside the glass, were two platformed automobiles — Skodas. One was a station wagon — who does that? And both were gas models! The nerve.

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 Midge Decter and BLM are linked. I don’t mean that Midge Decter commented publicly on BLM, but they are linked in their contributions to history, though not in a way that I think most people would ever admit. Midge Decter and BLM are linked in the sense that both are, in my view, assessed incorrectly […]

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BLM, All for Naught…


#BLM started up in response to the death of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, at the hands of a mixed-race Democrat named George Zimmerman, back in 2012. At the time, Barack Obama was president and starting his second term.

It is now 2022. #BLM has had a full decade in which to make the lives of black Americans better.

The Scam That Was BLM


I don’t know about you, but the first time I heard the slogan “Black Lives Matter” I thought it was, well … curious. Whoever said otherwise these days? Wasn’t that obvious?

I soon discovered the depths of my naïveté. The tip-off was realizing that “All Lives Matter” was not a more inclusive iteration of the same concept, but its opposite – racist fighting words. People were vilified and fired for saying them.

It turned out that BLM was a “social justice” organization focused primarily on “intervening in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes,” i.e., police.

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Andrew Kerr, an investigative reporter at the Washington Examiner, joins Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to analyze how Black Lives Matter duped corporate America out of millions of dollars and fooled Americans into believing it was a nonprofit charity in good financial standing with states.

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(You can read Chapter 1, focused on leading Washington politicians and the media here) Last year started with a couple of big bangs, politically. The January 6th violence at the US Capitol, of course. Buckle up for a cavalcade of first anniversary media this week, even though we’re still learning from and litigating that. Some […]

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The Limits of the Law, and Getting Led Down Rhetorical Alleyways


Was Kyle Rittenhouse acting in self-defense when he shot Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz on August 25, 2020? That is the question the jury will have to answer. That is the only question the jury has to answer. The trial as envisioned by most news outlets and Twitter will, or at least should, settle an array of other questions. Should Kyle Rittenhouse have traveled to Kenosha that evening? Was he planning on being a vigilante? Does he suffer from a hero complex? Is he a good person?

Those asking these questions aren’t stroking their chins while deep in thought, they aren’t poring over the evidence, they aren’t asking. They’ve long had their answers—the trial is just a formality. These questions are interesting in a philosophical sense. They are irrelevant to the trial. Kyle Rittenhouse is not my friend, acquaintance, family member, coworker, employee, lover, or peer. I’m in no need to assess his character, judgment, intellect, or moral compass. He isn’t in the news because the country sees in his case grist for a hearty debate about ethics. He’s in the news because it is being decided whether the state will use taxpayer money to keep him locked in a cage for years.

Questionable Presidential Authority


Limits on presidential authority are something that we’ve discussed before on Ricochet. The topic comes up again with Joe Biden’s mandate through OSHA that companies fire employees who haven’t been vaccinated for COVID-19, unless they submit to a weekly test. This post is not about arguing for or against vaccines. I don’t care if you are for or against these vaccines, as there are oodles of posts that cover that topic already. What I am concerned about is the trend of making the presidency a more and more powerful office with each generation.

Does anyone claim with a straight face that when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established by Congress in 1971 that members of Congress believed they were giving the agency the power to dictate that companies fire employees? How many people in 1971 thought that it would be kosher for a future president to use OSHA to command companies to fire tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or conceivably even millions of people? There is the black-and-white letter of the law and there is reality. The reality is that government tends to do whatever it can get away with. If the citizenry makes enough noise or files enough lawsuits, maybe government will back down and obey the law. If the citizens shrug, mutter, and get on with things, government will continue to act as if it has a particular authority, regardless of what the law actually says.

Three Crosses in the NFL


I caught the end of the Monday Night Football game, in which the New Orleans Saints beat the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. As the camera panned over the players greeting and hugging each other across teams on the field immediately after the game, one big Saints player (a saint?) seemed to have stitches on his right cheekbone. Then we got another, much closer shot.

The stitches were actually an eyeblack patch applied below the eye. It was a black sticker with three thin gold crosses, the center cross elevated. Yes, in the season where the NFL has officially embraced the Marxist BLM ideology, a black player has chosen to display his Christian faith instead. The three crosses, the central cross prominent, represent Christ crucified between the two thieves.

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Americans continue to reel at the speed of the Taliban’s largely unmolested march through most of Afghanistan (but not all). We recoil at the beheadings, rapes, murders, child sex trade, and other atrocities committed by Taliban fighters. Americans remain shell-shocked at the sheer incompetence of the Biden Administration’s handling of the entire matter since taking […]

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Hubwonk host Joe Selvaggi talks with Boston Globe opinion writer Jeff Jacoby about the troubling increase in antisemitic incidents, including the recent attack on a Boston rabbi, and how our current political rancor fans the flames of bigotry nationwide.
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Socialist Birds of a Feather [with a new postscript]


BLM supports cop killerThe people’s protests against the socialist regime running Cuba prompted American socialists to flock to the defense of the Cuban Commies. Among these were the Black Lives Matter Foundation, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), DSA’s superstar AOC, and Bernie Sanders. In so doing, they carried on the disgraceful precedent of the Congressional Black [except for Republicans] Caucus.

Go back to 2009, early in President Obama’s first term. The Congressional Black Caucus took a fact-finding junket to Cuba, where they not only fawned on Fidel but also ignored, covered up by their silence, the plight of black Afro-Cuban prisoners, jailed and abused by the much lighter-skinned regime leaders of European ancestry. The Congressional Black Caucus helped the racist Castro regime with their positive video appearances and quotes.

[T]he Stalinist regime that jailed and tortured the longest suffering black political prisoner in modern history (Eusebio Penalver) rolled out the red carpet for six gullible  members of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus. All of these U.S. legislators met with “President” Raul Castro while a lucky three secured back-stage passes to meet Fidel himself.

Four martinis for the price of three today! First, Jim and Greg are thrilled to know their vision for Disney CTU is now a reality. They also cheer the Senate for passing legislation banning imports likely produced through slave labor in China’s Xinjiang Province. Then they hammer the Black Lives Matter Organization for defending the communist regime in Cuba, blaming the U.S. embargo for the misery there, and praising the Cuban government for giving asylum to an American cop killer. Finally, they react to the American Booksellers Association apologizing for including a “violent” book in its recent mailing – because it urges parents to be wary of the transgender movement.

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I confess that I don’t think that I’d heard of the “Juneteenth” question until the law had been passed.  I was initially skeptical, while considering emancipation of the slaves to be an accomplishment worthy of celebration.  However, I did not like the name, and did not like the date (as I’d prefer to spread out […]

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Woke, CRT, and BLM Types: Straight, White Guy Has Questions


I have questions. I’m a straight, white guy, so please bear with me as I couch these questions the only way I know: like a straight, white guy. I know. But you’ve lived in my white guy world for years, so just act like the way you were until three or four months ago.

First question: A request really. Give me one or two concrete examples of “Systemic Racism.” White culture talking here but maybe throw in a place, name, date, or other details such that I can follow you. I’m hoping for facts and logic here — again white culture stuff — but it’s who I am. The media doesn’t explain anything anymore, and I need information to process all this woke cum racist-anti-racist stuff. I’m White!

Second question: What do you expect all of us straight, white guys to do? Let’s say I saw the “I am a racist” light, and now I want to lead the rest of my life as a good, honest, non-racist guy. What would that look like? How would it manifest itself? Maybe a leopard can change its spots. And again, sorry, my whiteness is showing, but can you explain this in plain, clear words from a dictionary printed before last year?

Bad Guy Loses: NBA edition


king james scotland crownI have never been a big NBA fan. I remember the cocaine era. I cheered the wildly inconsistent Seattle Supersonics in that era. I appreciated the magic of the Chicago Bulls with star-whisperer Phil Jackson, Michael Jordon, Scotty Pippen, and “The Worm” Dennis Rodman. I admired “the admiral” David Robinson‘s career as a leader with the San Antonio Spurs, along with Tim Duncan, back when they were a distinctly locker-room-disciplined team. And yet, I remember the cocaine era, the referee point-shaving era, the radical leftist ChiCom kowtowing, America-trashing ongoing era, most notoriously embodied in LeBron James.

So, the enemy of my enemy gets my provisional, limited, and temporary rooting interest. The Phoenix [“The Valley?”] Suns apparently managed the second-best record in a self-created asterisk-laden 2020-2021 season. They proceeded to eject the megalomaniacally self-titled “King” LeBron James, and his current star vehicle, the Los Angeles Lakers (a formerly great team), from the playoffs for the first time in Pawn James’ career.

After embarrassing the Lakers in Phoenix with a lopsided 115-85 win on 1 June 2021, the Suns went to L.A. and defended MJ’s legacy. Stuffing LeBron’s playoff run in the first round for the first time ever, the Suns denied a poorly aging LeBron the chance to even get a sniff at Air Jordon’s stratospheric record of six NBA championship rings. LeBron James’s pursuit of MJ’s record led him to Los Angeles because it was supposed to be a team with deep-pocketed owners who would buy a couple of championships in the hottest, coolest global media spotlight. He has only four championship rings, leaving him stuck on the third tier.

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BLM and sympathizers support defunding local police and initiating alternative activities with the deleted funds, but that already is resulting in additional local violence. Yet even without long term statistics to base these changes on, voters haven’t been consulted on whether they approve the “social worker” trade offs. (In Asheville NC one of the things […]

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Think Things Are Contentious Now? Learn Some History


There is a never-ending contest for “favorite journalist” in the Johnston household, but Salena Zito is always a finalist. And she just rocketed into the pole position.

I’m delighted to be a “friend” of hers on Facebook. I rarely take issue with her reporting. She fills a niche long ignored by corporate media – focusing on real people and real communities that fall between the Hudson River (NY) and LAX. More specifically, lives and communities that border or encompass Greater Appalachia, from western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio to West Virginia and southern Virginia. She stays outside Washington’s beltway and she refuses to traverse interstate highways.

How Not to Win Friends and Influence People: Noa Tishby


red green capitalI wanted to like Noa Tishby. I was prepared to hear her out as a courageous voice in Hollywood and a potential cobelligerent against the new Red-Green alliance.* I value Scott Johnson’s opinions in the main, having followed PowerLine Blog since they eviscerated Dan Rather’s attempt to steal the 2004 election with a blatantly fraudulent story about George W. Bush’s Texas Air Guard service record. Scott recommended readers to “meet Noa Tishby.” So, I read Robert Sarner’s Times of Israel profile “Israeli actress Noa Tishby’s ‘Simple Guide’ to Israel shakes up US progressives.” So far so good. Then, I followed the link to Matt Lewis’s long-form web video interview of Noa Tisby on the new book she reportedly wrote entirely on her own, Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth. Sad.

I embed, you go watch and decide, then come back to check my opinion. Or read on and then go check my assessment against the tape. By way of warning, this was not safe for younger children’s ears. This is so for all too many web-exclusive videos. She asks the profanity question, common these days as a “mind if I smoke” question used to be. Once the cursing/smoking light is on, the filter comes off, especially late in the interview when she talks about being a woman in Hollywood with “Weinstein” being the daily norm for decades.