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Musings of a Third-Generation Wagon Circler


Writing here at Ricochet last week, @KateBraestrup expressed her opinion that “even without the sixfold imprimatur of the FBI, it would be virtually impossible to make a circle of wagons tight enough to conceal the kind of lurid behavior that Kavanaugh has been accused of.” She continued: “It’s not that it doesn’t exist; rather, when it exists, people know about it. Louche, lascivious or predatory men (alcoholic or otherwise) over time become well-known for being so.” While I’m relieved Kavanaugh has been confirmed, and I dreaded the precedent that would have been set if he had not have been, I can’t agree that men’s wagon circles are virtually never this tight. I know because I’m part of more than one man’s wagon circle, as was my mother, and her mother before her. Three generations of conservative American women, all three with little inclination to laugh off predatory behavior as just “boys being boys” — and all three with just as little inclination to name and shame men for having stories like those alleged about Kavanaugh in their past.

Men become notorious for sexual predation by persisting in it for long periods of time, especially if they become shameless about it. One reason we caution youth to postpone sex is because immature sexual misadventures are often exploitative. As Mark Regnerus has documented in his books Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying and Forbidden Fruit: Sex & Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers, boys usually find it considerably easier than girls do to self-servingly and callously rationalize their “conquests,” even when they’ve had the moral formation to know better. Thank God that boys who should know better and don’t often mature into men who know better and do! Thank God that not everyone who has committed a sexual wrong in his past persists in that sort of misbehavior.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club, number (O.M.G.) 194!!! for October 3, 2018 (Happy Birthday R.) it is the Elevator Operators edition of the show with your rising and falling hosts, radio guy Todd Feinberg and A.I. maven Mike Stopa. Each week we bring you the best in discourse, the flesh of the political apple and the angles that Minnesota Fats wouldn’t even consider! And we come to you out of that little box you carry around in your pocket.

Anyway, we proceed (following the followers) with the Supreme Court harlequinade – like, you just can’t avert your eyes no matter how you try! – and the latest blow by blow including Jeff Flake getting mugged by some Soros sirens in the Senate elevator.

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A few of the things that I noticed about Christine Blasey Ford’s (or Ballsey Ford as Rush calls her) testimony that I haven’t heard mentioned much elsewhere.  1. She said she wrote her letter to Feinstein basically in one day and sent it. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I were writing a […]

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for September 28, 2018 it’s the Tooth and Claw edition of the podcast, number 193! (Phew, are we getting old or what???)

Today we talk about…well, yeah. Is there anything else going on in politics today? We talk about the Blasey Ford – Kavanaugh rumble in the jungle. It was indeed a day of high drama. And here are we, your humble observers of all things political, here are we hanging out twisting in the wind. By which I mean, the vote is tomorrow. How’s it going to go? By the time you hear this the deed will have been done.

Democrats Have Gone to the Mattresses. Someone Tell the Republicans.


 The Brett Kavanaugh nomination serves as a useful reminder of why about one-third of the US electorate are firm Trump supporters. While Democrats declare war in the Senate, Republicans are lining up to buy Kavanaugh’s accuser plane tickets. If Trump were chairman of the Judiciary Committee, do you think he’d respond to waking up with a horse’s head in his lap by asking Ms. Ford if she preferred a window or aisle? Of course not. He may lose an eye in the confrontation but you can be sure he’d emerge with Dianne Feinstein’s bloody ear clenched between his teeth.

Much has been said about the damage done to the institution by the Democrats’ petulance while ignoring the institutional damage done by Republicans in humoring them. “But the optics!” shout Republican pollsters. Whenever I hear the “optics” argument I can’t help but notice that it invariably refers to how things might likely appear to the Democrats’ base. To an extent, this makes sense as in lieu of workable ideas, “optics” is all the Democrats’ base has. But what about the Republican base? Isn’t abandoning fundamental principles of the Constitution also a “bad look?”

If there’s one aspect of this saga upon which there seems to be a consensus it’s that Dr. Ford’s voice “deserves to be heard.” I know it can’t be said in polite company but I will anyway: no she doesn’t. What she deserves is to be called what she is: a Democrat activist who’s smearing a good man’s name. No fewer than 65 women have testified on behalf of Kavanaugh’s character and my, understanding is that I’m obliged to believe the women.