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Value of Symbols


justice and COVID-19Observed outside a Circle K recently: two men approached on battered bicycles. One black, one white, they were both desert-lean and weathered. They knew long-term poverty.

Said the black man to the white: “They’re so stupid, they pull down a statue and throw it in the river!” Answered the white man: “Thousands of pounds of bronze!”

This conversation illustrates the Grand Canyon-sized gap between the leftist punks and the poor, those truly without “privilege.” A brief explanation for the perplexed: these were scrap men. They scavenge metal for cash and are acutely aware of the current local market value of every metal. When they see a bronze statue being pulled down by wealthy young whites LARPing* as revolutionaries, these men accurately estimate weight and dollars per pound.

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Can this be a beginning of a “blacklash” against prominent black (so-called) TV personalities, reporters, and leftist pundits who rail against Trump? I mean, Kanye could change his tune tomorrow and with one tweet, destroy Trump.  But would he? https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/herschel-walker-calls-for-cnn-to-fire-don-lemon-over-racist-kanye-west-criticism Preview Open

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