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I found this story on Fox News, about a mixed-race rapper who pulled out of a music festival when she found that the festival was charging white ticket-buyers more than they were charging “people of color”.  I had to applaud her good sense, not wanting to be associated with that sort of behavior. However, my […]

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Racism Is Alive and Well


Saying that black Americans can’t be racist because they are an oppressed group has never been acceptable to me. You only need to look at the history of the Black Hebrew Israelites to realize that racism against white people not only exists, but it is overt, ugly and frightening. This is the group that harassed the teenagers at the March for Life.

Glenn Beck did some research on the Black Hebrew Israelites group:

Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1886. A former railroad worker named Frank Cherry established the Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of Truth for All Nations. Yes, that was the full church name. He mixed together elements of Judaism and Christianity and believed that African Americans were descendants of the original tribes of Israel. He preached that these Israelite ancestors were chased out of Babylon into central and western Africa, where they were eventually sold into slavery by the Romans. He preached that Adam, Eve, and Jesus were black. Cherry also preached that whites are inherently evil and hated by God.