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Harvard Fellow Attends Anti-Police Brutality Conference … in Iran


Speaking of education, I caught Michael Totten’s latest column at World Affairs Journal about this group of twenty-odd American yo-yos who’ve gone to a conference in Iran against police brutality and racism. No, not Iranian policy brutality and racism. American police brutality and racism. Mike, reporting this with the journalistic equivalent of a straight face, notes that,

The Iranian government hunts down gay people and hangs them from cranes. It sends the Basij militia into the streets to attack peaceful protesters with clubs, chains, knives and axes. It routinely and as a matter of policy tortures liberal activists and intellectuals in Evin Prison.

On Quentin Tarantino, the Police, and Boycotts


The Hateful One

If a conservative limits his filmed entertainment to works produced by people with similar political leanings, he will find himself with few options. Conservative film buffs are long accustomed to overlooking the political views of those who write, direct, and act in the movies. Be a liberal, we say, but please try not to rub our noses in it.

(Some) Black Lives Matter


Keyshaun-MasonEveryone using social media has seen these names and hashtags countless times:

  • #TrayvonMartin
  • #MikeBrown
  • #FreddieGray
  • #EricGarner
  • #SandraBland

They, and others, have been the subjects of international news, were the reasons for countless riots and marches, and led to the new, controversial political movement Black Lives Matter.

On Monday, news broke out of Oxon Hill, MD (a suburb of Washington, DC) about a tragic murder:

Member Post


Black Lives Matter (BLM) started as an online platform in 2013 by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi. They are well educated, well spoken black women who have chosen social activism as a career (like Obama). For many of us, our experiences and beliefs are insufficient resources to easily understand these founder’s vision. So using […]

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The Problem In The Pronouns


self-absorption-and-bipolar-disorder-300x199As a theologically liberal clergy person, I receive a lot of drivel masked as thoughtful, contemporary writing addressing the most urgent issue of our day: How can we make life better for nice, middle-class white people? These things come with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, and are often written by black people, but they are really about white folk (and people “passing for white,” which I think includes people like Condi and Ben?)

Two big clues to who these missives are for, and what they’re really about: Pronouns. Also: verbs.

As a representative example, I offer the following, penned by Amira Sakallah and presented courtesy of the Theology of Ferguson project. “Ferguson,” you will recall, is the small city in Missouri where an 18-year-old black man, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by a white police officer. This is important, because a) Michael Brown is dead; and b) it sparked huge demonstrations and riots that went on all year, and resulted in massive property damage and further loss of life. So: serious business! Something for the clerical-collar-clad social warrior to really sink her straight, white teeth into! The essay is called Being a Do-Gooder, Becoming a Freedom Fighter: BlackLivesMatter: