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7 Inspiring Baseball Players Who Overcame Adversity


Mordecai Brown, Chicago Cubs
It’s tough to make it to the major leagues and it’s even tougher to stay there. It takes a not-insignificant amount of natural physical ability, a lot of hard work, and plenty of self-confidence to get there and stay there. It’s a battle that plays out every day through competition from the amateur level through the minor leagues and at the major league level. It’s even tougher for some who have an additional opponent they have to conquer along the way. That’s the purpose of this post – to briefly tell the stories of a few of those who had an additional obstacle on their way to the majors. I think I’ll proceed in chronological order.

Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown

Three-Parent Babies: A Slippery Slope?


First, the term “three-parent babies” is a misnomer; it refers to a fertility technique that originally was proposed to deal with dysfunctional mitochondria which are inside most human cells. These mutations can lead to a number of incurable and often fatal diseases that are passed on to the baby. This describes the process:

Scientists remove the nucleus from an egg of the mother-to-be. They then insert it into a donor egg, extracted from a woman who has perfectly healthy mitochondria. (First, they have to strip that healthy egg of its nucleus.)

The egg now contains DNA from both women — but, crucially, it does not contain dysfunctional mitochondria. It’s fertilized, adding the father’s DNA, and then implanted into the mother-to-be, who will (if all goes well) become pregnant.

Now for Some Complications


Some of you have been generously helping out in my quixotic, querulous quest to understand abortion in America. One of the things that prevents me from becoming an enthusiastic Pro-Lifer is the emphasis not just on overturning Roe, but on enacting laws to outlaw abortion either completely, or after a certain gestational age.

I am — as friends already know — a serious baby-person. I feel very protective towards little ones, born and unborn. I agree that it is dreadful — unconscionable — that we have created a culture in which it is considered normal and even desirable that abortion terminates hundreds of thousands of healthy, normal pregnancies.

Member Post


Should we bring back DDT? On the front page of the April 29 issue of the WSJ there is an article about the Zika Virus and the severity of the birth defects it is causing. They are proving to be much worse than the results of non-Zika microcephaly. ” (Zika) eats away at the fetal […]

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