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The Latest in Protest Styles


Birmingham, UK is the latest jurisdiction to promote a wonderful new style of witness and protest. In the latest in a string of such arrests in the UK, Isabel Vaughn-Spruce was ripped from her daily constitutional and accused of praying silently outside of an abortion clinic.

Now, it is very good practice to pray when passing an abortion clinic. Nothing draws demons like mothers killing their children, unless it is medical personnel talking them into it and helping them in the commission of the atrocity. It’s probably a slippery slope thing for Birmingham. If people pray silently, they might discourage the demons that infest these places, spilling out everywhere, and send them to the foot of the Cross to be dealt with. Birmingham politicians have a huge stake in keeping the abortion mills running and the demons in bad spirits to encourage the butchery they call “women’s health care.” Nothing says evil like a mother killing her own child. Unless it is a Birmingham cop arresting a woman for disturbing the pandaemonium. Bonnie King Charles must be very proud.