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Remember When Bill Clinton was Arrested?


I know there are some younger readers here at Ricochet (though we really need to recruit more) who have no recollection of President Bill Clinton’s arrest.

It all began in 1994 when Paula Jones filed a suit against Clinton for sexual harassment. The President’s lawyers attempted to delay the suit until after his presidency ended but in 1997 the Supreme Court ruled the case could proceed against the President. Part of the strategy of the Jones’ legal team was to show a pattern of sexual misconduct on the part of the Governor/President. Her team uncovered evidence that Clinton had sexual relations with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. When Clinton learned Lewinsky was on the list of witnesses, he encouraged Lewinsky to file a false affidavit to misdirect the investigation, use cover stories, conceal gifts he had given her, and tried to find her work to influence her testimony.

Clinton himself committed perjury in his testimony in the case.

Gospel Mission Dreamin’


Yeah, I know other people’s dreams are boring, but last night’s dream had an interesting point. I’ll share it here with some disclaimers.

  1. First disclaimer. This dream took place at the Rescue Mission where I work, but none of the people were the same. And none of the views in this dream are endorsed by Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission.
  2. Though a politician appears in this dream, it is a dream version of this individual and should not be taken as an endorsement or attack on his character.
  3. This dream is not meant to disparage frozen desserts. We, in fact, endorse such edibles in most circumstances.

So, on to the dream:

Zoom Panel Featuring Clinton, Toobin, and Weiner Goes About as Well as Expected


A highly-touted online panel purportedly addressing criminal justice featuring Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Toobin, and Anthony Weiner went about as well as could be expected on Thursday as all three men ended up in varying degrees of undress.

Approximately twenty minutes into the conference, Mr. Weiner seemed to lose interest when Mr. Clinton was discussing the merits of a carbon tax. Shortly thereafter the former representative for New York’s 9th district proceeded to remove his shirt in order to send a selfie to an individual he addressed as “AngelsSlut22@Yahoo.”

A short time later Mr. Clinton was asked about green energy subsidies. The former president responded by sipping from a rail drink, loosening his tie, and calling upon Mr. Weiner to “Send me her pic” – an apparent reference to Ms. AngelSlut. Mr. Weiner ignored the request, however, stating that he is to be addressed as “Carlos Danger.”

Cancel Culture’s Latest Victim: Walt Whitman


Having worked in Camden, New Jersey, for 16 years, the 19th-century poet Walt Whitman is ubiquitous. Whitman’s final Camden home – the only one he ever owned – is a National Historic Landmark. Murals honoring or including Whitman are found throughout town. He’s also buried in Camden’s Harleigh Cemetery in an impressive mausoleum. The two leading bridges that connect Camden and Philadelphia are named after Benjamin Franklin and Walt Whitman.

Inscribed over City Hall are the words from a Whitman poem: “In a dream, I saw a city invincible.” Camden’s invincibility has been challenged for much of the last 50 years, which is still recovering from an exodus of people and manufacturing jobs. For a while, it had the nation’s highest murder rate. It continues to suffer high unemployment rates. But it is making an impressive comeback, thanks to a new medical school, its largest employer, Cooper University Hospital, and new corporate investments such as Subaru’s new North American headquarters and a new hotel on the waterfront. Police reforms of nearly a decade ago are a model for the nation.

And through it all, Camden has clung to Whitman and his brilliant career and contributions to American literature.

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A highly-touted online panel purportedly addressing climate change featuring Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Toobin and Anthony Weiner went about as well as could be expected on Tuesday as all three men ended up in varying degrees of undress. Approximately 20 minutes into the conference Mr. Weiner seemed to lose all interest as Mr. Clinton was discussing […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news of at least one prosecutor willing to file felony charges over rioters tearing down a statue. They also discuss old timer’s night at the Democratic National Convention with a special focus on John Kerry’s dishonest history and Bill Clinton still being invited to speak despite his #MeToo history and yesterday’s Epstein revelations. And they have fun as the woke left even tries to cancel suffragette Susan B. Anthony.

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A new documentary from the Epoch Times gives us the ticktock on the CCP virus from the early days in late 2019, drilling down on the progress of the disease and the CCP lies from the very beginning, hiding the spread, hiding the deaths of health care workers, the hoarding of medical supplies while telling […]

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The 9th Circuit Sides with Constitution and Trump


We are used to leftist opinions from the often derisively labeled Ninth Circus Court of Appeals. However, President Trump with the support of Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has seized the opportunity to firm up the Supreme Court, making wacky rulings from lower courts more difficult within the rules of the judicial game. He has steadily placed relatively reliable constitutionalist judges in lower courts, including the Ninth Circuit. This is starting to pay off in better decisions, like the latest on Title X funds and abortion. The latest Ninth Circuit decision also reflects the willingness of President Trump to actually uphold the laws passed by Congress, a refreshing change from both parties’ norms. 

Statement from the Press Secretary
LAW & JUSTICE | Issued on: February 25, 2020

President Trump’s commitment to protecting the most vulnerable is unwavering, and we applaud yesterday’s Ninth Circuit decision upholding our Title X regulation. This regulation protects the unborn by ensuring Title X grants are allocated as Congress intended – and not as abortion providers or abortion advocacy organizations would prefer. By law, Title X prohibits grant funds from going to programs where abortion is considered a method of family planning. This ruling upholds the Title X regulation that will ensure compliance with that law. The President and his Administration remain committed to advancing pro-life policies.

Truth and Lies About Ukraine


Ukraine in context mapWe were repeatedly treated to lies about Ukraine during the first week of the Democrats’ congressional clown show “impeachment inquiry.” The central lie was that Ukraine was a key security partner against Russia for many years. It is a lie that Ukraine has ever been a key security partner and it is a further lie that Ukraine has been the focus of US policy intended to check Russian re-expansion. Everyone knows this, you know this, at least in your gut. Here are the facts, which do not care about anyone’s feelings:

1991: Ukraine votes for and declares independence from the Union of Soviet Socialist States. Ukraine has over 1,000 nuclear warheads, allegedly without the control and arming codes, but with significant technical knowledge in-house. Weeks before the independence vote, President George H.W. Bush delivers an infamous speech in Kiev, written by Russia and Eastern Europe expert Condoleezza Rice, in which he warned about “suicidal nationalism.” William Safire branded this the “Chicken Kiev speech.” Bush feared that small states declaring their independence would provoke the Russian population, destabilizing the supposedly democratizing new Russia.

The elder President Bush’s most memorable foreign-policy blunder took place in Kiev in 1991, then under Communist rule. With the Soviet Union coming apart, the U.S. president — badly advised by the stability-obsessed “realist” Brent Scowcroft — made a speech urging Ukrainians yearning for independence to beware of “suicidal nationalism.” His speech, which he now insists meant only “not so fast,” was widely taken as advice to remain loyal to Moscow’s empire.

Remembering the Ross Perot Moment


Establishment politicians and those invested in business as usual use “Ross Perot” as a bogeyman, a warning not to stray from whatever candidate they shovel up and tell us we must give money, time, and our vote. Except that it was Perot who was the most electable candidate until the skulduggery or head fake or whatever rattled him around his daughter’s personal life. He had taken the lead in the polls but never recovered after showing weakness or indecision for that week or so.

He was a successful entrepreneur who criticized the self-licking ice cream cone of American CEOs, who (with their think tank and pundit platoons) insisted that American workers absorb the hit of global wage and employment competition while not subjecting their own gilded packages to critical comparison with the then ascendant Japanese executives. “If you want to make a million dollars, become a rock (music) star!” Ross Perot was not engaging in class warfare. Rather, he was using the contradictory narratives of wage competition and executive compensation to point to larger misaligned priorities in U.S. corporate policy, underwritten by U.S. government policy and muscle. Hence his early criticism of NAFTA as it was being negotiated.

He treated the American voters like corporate customers, with charts, facts, and figures rather than campaign puffery. Had he won, he would have been pinned down to perform by his charts, rather than explaining away or evading soaring rhetoric and slogans as Bush had.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America praise Hong Kong for ditching the Chinese extradition bill thanks to millions demanding the preservation of their freedom. They discuss Bill Clinton claiming ignorance of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking and pedophilia. They scrutinize Kris Kobach’s chances to win the Senate seat in Kansas as well as the potential impact upon the Republican majority. And Jim and Greg close the show by raising a toast to the legacy of the late Ross Perot.

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We are all familiar with the story arc of faded music stars, who end up touring much smaller venues for much smaller takes. They do so if they and the promoters have not made the dreadful mistake of miscalculating their present-day appeal based on their past glory days. If such a mistake is made, then […]

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Willie: Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome! Boy oh boy this time we’ve got a real treat for you! We’re broacasting live from the History’s Sneakiest Bastards Connive-Off Invitational, and let me tell you we’ve seen some really underhanded dealings today. The skullduggery is only going to get better from here so stay tuned! As […]

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In the 1990s, I occasionally typed brief bursts on the politics of the day. The following three short missives span about four years. They start in 1996 with Filegate. They conclude in 1999, with President Bill Clinton commuting Puerto Rican terrorists’ sentences during Hillary’s Senate campaign in New York. You may find my 1996 expectations […]

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Richard Epstein explains what the Constitution says about President Trump’s ability to pardon himself, grapples with the constitutional standards for impeachment, and warns about the political excesses being engendered by the Mueller investigation.

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Dear fellow Americans and distinguished congress-people and senators, the state of the union is good. I’m president. I broke the glass ceiling barring women from the highest office in the land. [long coughing spell. TV takes long ad break] Yes, its true, unemployment is up and inflation is up a little, 9% this month, but […]

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Juanita Broaddrick: The Original #MeToo


Juanita BroaddrickJuanita Broaddrick joins Dave at Whiskey Politics for an in-depth, transparent and honest discussion about her experience in 1978 that many had discounted for decades, but now with the #MeToo movement, even the liberal media are coming around including the New York Times which recently stated “We should look clearly at the credible evidence that Juanita Broaddrick told the truth when she accused Clinton of raping her.”

Pervnado Disproportionately Impacting Pervgressives


It’s said that conditions in the eye of a hurricane are sunny, still, and lovely. As Bill Clinton can attest, the same can be said of the Pervnado currently causing chaos in DC, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and other Democratic strongholds like Seattle. Even historically right-of-center San Diego learned that electing a Democratic mayor means taking a walk on the wild side. And yet right there in the middle of it all, a man credibly accused of violent rape continues to relax poolside in a Corona hat and with a small umbrella in his drink as one after another of his fellow travelers is sucked up and spat out of public life like so much lint.

Rank has its privileges!

Alas, we live in a remarkably sensitive era. When I was a kid, drunkenly steering a car off a bridge into the drink and leaving a young woman to drown wouldn’t prevent a sitting senator from becoming “the lion” of the world’s greatest deliberative body. And that’s the upper chamber! Meanwhile, one of our friends in the House of Representatives deems it appropriate to show up to work in his underwear as if he’s a hard-bodied Calvin Klein model instead of a 52-year veteran of Congress who mentally checked-out years ago.

Sexual Abuse Will Continue in DC. The Voters Don’t Care.


Senator Al Franken has been accused of groping another woman. But Democrats need his votes in the Senate, so he will likely survive. This same logic is motivating Alabama Republicans to continue their support for Roy Moore. Political power matters more than anything else.

In short, nothing has changed from the Clinton years. Like the current Woke Era, the 1990s were supposed to be a feminist decade. It began with feminists praising Anita Hill; it ended with feminists praising Bill Clinton.

In 1992, Clinton’s staff trashed his many female accusers, trying to prevent them from derailing his walk to the White House. The ugliest claim came from Juanita Broaddrick who alleged Clinton had violently raped her in his hotel room. Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey accused him of other predations which his campaign derided as “bimbo eruptions.”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Chad Benson of Radio America read the political tea leaves (juniper leaves?) for three men in the national spotlight. Some of the people calling for resignations, and a new Fox News poll, may surprise you.