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Life During Woke Time


I came across this thread this morning, supposedly an insider account of life in Big Tech from an engineer enduring work life under the plague that has taken lives, disrupted workplaces, turned schools into rigid, authoritarian child prisons, and spread suffering to countless families across the country. And also, COVID, which has somehow made the woke plague even worse. Keep in mind that not only can anyone make up anything on social media, but making up fake stuff is social media’s raison d’être. (Raison d’être being a French word meaning, I believe, “shoehorn.”) Also, the usual caveat of being skeptical to any anecdote that validates a prejudice applies. All that said, it’s an interesting read.

I work in Big Tech. A name you would know and have probably used before. Wanted to give a rundown of what it’s like from the inside right now. Obviously insanely radically leftwing. BLM/LGBTQ. Trans flags hanging in office. Pronouns stated before meetings. Special affiliation groups for everyone but white men. All what you’d expect.