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How Many Times Have You Read the Bible?


While driving in my car last week, I was listening to talk radio. A caller was having a conversation about Donald Trump, and he made the following comment: “I’ve read the Bible four times, from beginning to end.” I felt my forehead wrinkle in puzzlement, wondering about the point he was trying to make. And then I realized he was trying to add credibility to his comments by his reading of the Bible. Four times.

I wasn’t impressed.

From my viewpoint, a person could read the Bible one hundred times and not really learn anything. The teachings don’t necessarily penetrate a person’s soul unless a person fully embraces and integrates the teachings into his or her life. I believe that outcome is true for Christians and Jews. We are so fortunate for those people on Ricochet who are not only deeply religious and virtuous, but can quote from the Bible because they have engaged it as a means to live a moral life. But there are also those people, such as some TV evangelists, who can preach the Bible and live a life of decadence.

Never Say Never


I think everyone must have their own “never say never” story, and this is mine. 

I have been involved with my church’s 20s/30s singles group for quite a few years now, and something we’ve done for a long time is discipleship groups (or d-groups). These are small gender-specific groups that meet during the week, usually at someone’s house, for deeper fellowship and Bible study. I really enjoy d-groups and signed up for one right away. But after I had been a member of a d-group a couple of times, our leader, Kelly, started asking me to think about leading or co-leading one.