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Netanyahu Cruises to Victory in Israeli Election


With 95 percent of the votes in, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is poised for another electoral victory. His Likud party is tied with its chief rival, Blue and White, but the right-wing bloc holds a clear lead. Netanyahu will work with them to form a governing coalition.

As of 11 PM ET, Likud had 26.28% of the vote compared to the Blue and White party’s 25.97%. From the Times of Israel:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared himself victorious in the 2019 general election Tuesday night, as updated exit polls and early results showed him with a clear path to forming a new government.

Guide to 2019 Israeli Election


What? Elect the 120 Knesset members, who will determine which 61+ Knesset members will select the Prime Minister and run the country (in conjunction with the Deep State, the oligarchs, and the media).

When? April 9, 2019

Bibi Was Trump Before Trump


Populist winds took down the Clintons and are now taking down Merkel, Macron, and May. Bibi, who is cruising to reelection (assuming he can stay out of jail) doesn’t have to worry about being taken down by nationalist populist insurgents because he is the nationalist populist insurgent who took down the establishment. He just did it earlier. Bibi was Trump before Trump.

Bibi and Trump have some similarities in style and character.

A Message for the Tyrants of Tehran


Watching Bibi Netanyahu addressing the UN’s General Assembly always makes me want to cheer. Two years ago, Israel alone opposed the horrible Iranian nuclear deal that the US negotiated and declared Israel would defend itself and that the world was making a terrible mistake. As Iran continues to develop its nuclear program and the IAEA appears emasculated, Bibi was back on Thursday to tell them:

I also have a message today for the tyrants of Tehran. Israel knows what you’re doing, and Israel knows where you’re doing it. Israel will never let a regime that calls for our destruction to develop nuclear weapons. Not now, not in ten years, not ever. And Israel will do whatever it must do to to defend itself against Iran’s aggression. We will continue to act against you in Syria. We will act against you in Lebanon. We will act against you in Iraq. We will act against you whenever and wherever we must act, to defend our state and to defend our people.

Day of Infamy for Democrats


The most significant event that happened today may not be Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, but the response from Democrats — or non-response. Watching how many now join with Republicans to ask the Obama Administration to rethink its negotiations with Iran will tell us a lot about the party’s state of mind — not just about Israel, but about America in the world today.

The signs aren’t hopeful. The last count before the speech was that some 55 Democratic members of Congress had decided to boycott the event. Some were the usual progressive suspects, like Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken. Some who had announced they would boycott the speech decided at the last minute they wouldn’t, like New York’s Charlie Rangel and Florida’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Her non-attendance would have presented the truly bizarre spectacle of a Jewish Democrat speaking at AIPAC one day, then skipping, in protest, a speech by Israel’s prime minister the next.