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Thread: Glenn Greenwald on Corporate Media


I no longer regularly browse Twitter, but a recent thread by Glenn Greenwald caught my attention. It accords with Power Line’s The Three Whisky Happy Hour: Election Schadenfreude Edition. There, Steve Hayward and “Lucretia” called on a 2023 Republican congressional majority to hold aggressive hearings, hauling all the major media bosses in front of them to make them squirm over the past five years of lies and deep deception. They took as their touchstone Big Story, the important history of our media (deliberately?) grossly misreporting the Tet Offensive, thereby turning the American public against the war for the first time, to the advantage of the Vietnamese communists, Mao, and the USSR.

In that context, consider Glenn Greenwald‘s story in several tweets.

The Truth About Fact-Checking Truth and Fiction


sorting fact fictionNoodling around the internet, searching on “truth or fiction,” I pulled out truthorfiction.com and mediabiasfactcheck.com. Opening up mediabiasfactcheck.com and reading their “about” page prompted this post. Take as true that a very small organization is dedicated to accurately sorting media sources on the independent left—right and “conspiracy-pseudoscience”—”pro-science” axes. The viewpoint of the team or the team members comprising the organization may not blind, but will at least distort their judgment. If not a blind spot, they will certainly have a cognitive astigmatism. “Fact-checking” political and other value-laden stories was dominated, almost from the beginning, by leftists, who understood the value of controlling information and public perception.

Consider this paragraph from mediabiasfactcheck.com:

The credibility of a website/media source is not determined by who owns them but rather by their track record. Everybody starts as a beginner and, through experience, becomes an authority in their field. MBFC [Media Bias Fact Check] is no different. Over the last 5+ years, we have proven to be a trusted authority on the rating of bias and the credibility of media sources. For example, MBFC is trusted by major media outlets and IFCN fact-checkers. This is evidenced by frequently being referenced by sources such as USA TodayReuters Fact CheckScience FeedbackWashington Post, and NPR, among dozens of others. We are also frequently used as a resource in libraries, high schools, and universities across the United States.

Dog Bites Man: Trump (voter) hating Media Lies


In another “dog bites man” story, we now know that the Democrats and their professional propaganda wing, the media, lied like rugs about President Trump’s walk through Lafayette Park. Everybody knew. Now a career bureaucrat, with long service under Bush the Younger and Obama, has put his official stamp on the truth of that day.

Who is Department of Interior Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt?

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A good friend of mine sent me US Senator Ben Sasse’s (R-NE) recent essay in The Atlantic Magazine. Disclosure: I was a “maxed out” contributor to Sen. Sasse in the last election cycle and co-hosted a fundraiser for him in Philadelphia. I am an admirer. He is a Ph.D. historian, former college president, and one-time Justice Department […]

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This is the last straw for me.  They have become just as biased as the other main stream news networks.  Once Roger Ailes passed away, the network went down hill.  I hope someone from their network sees this.  Maybe it will be a wake up call.  But I have left.  No more.   Preview Open

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Former Reagan Speechwriter, and Ricochet Co-Founder, Peter Robinson sits down with Dave Carter to discuss everything related to the 2020 Presidential Election. From the state of the voting public to journalistic subterfuge, from the strengths and weakness of both candidates to the reliability of various polls and polling methods, Peter and Dave take on practically every aspect of Campaign 2020. The dynamics of this engaging and enjoyable conversation travel from serious political analysis, to two guys sitting on the front porch, wondering why more people don’t understand history, and beseeching the kids to get off the lawn. Along the way, Peter offers a compelling list of what could happen in the event of a Biden victory (it’s safe to say that you need to hear this).

Then Dave welcomes Ricochet Member Brady Kiel (Herrforce1) to the program.  Brady, an Air Force Reservist, spent some time in Dave’s old line of work as an active duty military historian.  As you might imagine, the guys have a great time comparing notes and trading stories, experiences and reflecting on their military service.  From start to finish, this episode is loaded with compelling conversation and even a few laughs.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy your time with Dave and his guests.

Fox News Commentator (and Ricochet alum) Mollie Hemingway took a break from the hectic pace of events to sit down with our own Dave Carter for a fairly comprehensive survey of the political and cultural landscape today.  The conversation ranges from Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris for his Vice Presidential candidate, to the media’s mischaracterization of the riots and carnage in major cities across the country.  Along the way, Mollie and Dave discuss the general reluctance of politicians and commentators to honestly address the “root causes” of much of the crime, death, and destruction that afflicts inner city life across the nation (their conclusions may surprise you). Dave laments the media’s apparent role as the public relations arm of the DNC, at which point Mollie takes a different view.  How different?  You’ll have to listen in for that one.

Then Dave talks with Ricochet Charter Member Duane Oyen, who has been with us since before this site launched.  Duane has some thoughts on the state of politics today, the Never Trump phenomenon, and various distinctions and divisions on the Right. “But when Duane weighs in on the things that unite us all,” writes Dave, “he sounds as wise as Solomon.” If you like discussions of policy, political philosophy, and a dose of history, this is the podcast for you. you.

Useless Useful Idiots: Whither The Bulwark and The Dispatch After Trump?


Ever since Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign began to look like it was more than a promotional stunt for his reality show and began to take on the shape of a real run at the White House, there were voices on the Right condemning the whole idea of a Trump presidency. The Right’s most concerted effort took the form of National Review’s “Against Trump” issue, and most on the Right remain critical of the President’s failings even if they support him generally. (This is a marked difference from the last Democrat president, who received virtually no significant criticism from members of his party while in office.) But a sizable group of Republicans (excuse me, “former Republicans”) abandoned their party and became “Never Trumpers” – they were so exorcized by the idea of Donald Trump personally that they could no longer support their party. Some, like Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin, completely altered their beliefs and values because they hated Trump so much.

And from this sprang a whole new cottage industry of Republican-hating Conservatives. A niche craft that once belonged only to David Brooks and David Frum suddenly burst open with a whole field of carpetbaggers toting elephant guns: Charles Sykes, Mona Charen, Jonah Goldberg, George Will, Noah Rothman, Joe Scarborough, just to name a few. And with it has come two political websites to challenge the likes of NationalReview.com, CommentaryMagazine.com, and Ricochet.com: TheBulwark.com and TheDispatch.com.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Remembers Other Black Lives Lost


Press Secretary McEnany put the pictures of police who have been killed this year in the faces of the White House press corps. She hammered the media on their wilful misrepresentations again and again even as they tried talking over her. “There has been a lot of misreporting.”

At the beginning of the briefing, she remembered a retired police captain, Captain David Dorn, a black man who was killed as he tried to prevent looting. Yes, there is a video of his murder and no I will not link it here. She closed the briefing by calling out the media for their silence on the killing of persons of color who were police officers. She did so without using the words “persons of color” or saying “all lives matter.” She simply told their stories as she put their photographs in the public eye. The jackals were not a bit contrite, howling another leftist attack line as she walked out.

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Perhaps you remember this story in The Atlantic a few weeks ago, as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced his state was going to begin reopening towards the end of April following a gubernatorial-led national shutdown of our economy. This paragraph is notable: Kemp’s order shocked people across the country. For weeks, Americans have watched the […]

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[A glitch of some sort rendered all the links invalid. Thanks to an alert reader pointing this out, I’ve fixed all the links and the fix seems to be sticking.] Baijiu* shot: The Washington Post launched a clumsy attack on a woman, the governor of South Dakota, because she is a Republican and her ideas on […]

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White House Press Corps to American People: Hold My Corona


On Leap Year Day, President Trump made a second appearance in the vipers’ pit that is the White House Press Briefing Room. The lying media lived down to their nature, proving once again why they should only be engaged under the roar of Marine One’s engines. These creatures are salivating at the thought of you or your loved ones dying or losing your job or nest egg, and are desperately beating the drums for a catastrophe that will sweep them and their politicians into permanent power.

Money Talks, Bull-Schiff Walks: Viewing ‘Richard Jewell’


For the price of a movie ticket, you can stand up for truth, justice, and the American way! After Horowitz, we all knew how extensive the corruption and abuse of power was in the FBI, DOJ, and our national media. Two days later, Clint Eastwood released a movie exactly on topic, dramatically documenting earlier collusion between the same malevolent cast of characters. The response from Trump voters and supporters was telling.

The Democrats’ media wing told us that we should not support this movie. Now, with the Richard Jewell opening weekend box office counted, we know we let them win, again, just like we let them win 2018. Bank on the anti-Deplorable, anti-Trump selective hit job movie Bombshell to get plenty of support, reinforcing the left’s narrative. Trump voters can’t be bothered, and conservative media figures apparently are missing the significance, in the midst of the daily deluge of stories. So, Trump 2020 will not be Boris Johnson 2019. Change my mind this week: money talks, bull-Schiff walks.

Richard Jewell matters right now because it gives the lie to everyone who professes unwavering belief in the integrity of the FBI, minus a few sacrificial snakes in the J. Edgar Hoover Building. This especially matters with the Senate Republican leadership. This movie calls us back to the old wisdom that power corrupts all sorts of men and women in all places and times. We are reminded that ambition can lead us into moral peril, as we rationalize action and inaction, knowing better. Eastwood reminds us of all this without cartoon characters or sentimental plot lines, and without coming to a nihilistic or fatalistic conclusion. We need this message front and center before Lindsey Graham gets his hands on the Senate trial proceedings.

401(k)s Not Working for People?


I work as a “retirement plan administrator” and am credentialed as an “expert” in the non-investment-side of 401(k)s and older-style pension plans. As such, my antennae always twitch any time I see a story regarding my industry. This story got me shaking my head at the framing of the issue.

I see companies’ payroll, deferral, and contribution figures every day, so I know that folks are not utilizing their 401(k) plans enough. Such a huge percentage of employees don’t defer anything, while others are deferring only, say, 2 percent; not even enough to earn all of their company’s matching contribution available to them.

I Don’t Trust the American People


Politicians on both sides of the aisle insist that they can trust the American people. Since I have also believed there are reasons to have faith in our citizens, I always silently nod in agreement at these words. But this morning, I asked myself: What does that statement even mean?

At first glance, I assume that those of us who make this remark believe that ultimately citizens will learn/recognize/figure out the truth of a complex political situation. But do we really believe they will make that effort? Do we honestly think that the American people will get through the maze and hyperbole of the information they receive from the media to get to the “truth”?

If we review the last hoax perpetrated on the American people, also known as the Mueller Report, do you think that most people know at least the final results? Or in spite of the report’s conclusions, do they still believe that Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice?

The Roadrunner President


TrumpRoadrunnerPresident Trump wears me out just following his schedule, and I’m two decades his junior. He seems to thrive on constant motion. Moreover, the motion is directed, purposeful.

Consider the past week: 17-25 September. President Trump went into the heart of political enemy territory to raise money, then created visuals of real new wall construction, then met with the Australian Prime Minister, set up the Democrats and their media arm, showed he was on top of disaster response in Texas, joined Prime Minister Modi in a large arena venue like a couple of rock superstars, celebrated an Australian opening a new manufacturing plant in Ohio, publicly defended religious liberty on the global stage, placed the globalist climate fraud in perspective, told the world the future belongs to patriots in every land, got multiple international agreements signed, acted as the caring friend of two feuding nuclear powers, demonstrated real transparency, exposed real corruption and collusion, and tied it all up with a bow in a level-headed tour de force press conference Wednesday morning.

Let’s break that down. I’ll break out each phase with bold and underlined section headers, so we do not get lost.

Does the Constitution Need Reformation or Restoration?


reform or restore constitutionThere is a long-simmering fight on the right between those who urge a convention of the states, under Article V of the Constitution of the United States, and those who urge active resistance at every level of government to nullify unconstitutional actions by every branch of government. The former argue for reformation of the Constitution, while the latter argue for restoration of the Constitution as currently written. Both have merits, both are sincere, and both do not say enough. What follows is a brief outline of some contentions and a suggested common flaw with a common, but very hard, solution.


The convention of states argument is most notably advanced by Mark Levin, in The Liberty Amendments, and by Mark Meckler through the Convention of States Project. Their core claim is the Framers anticipated conditions, under which Congress would be corrupted by at least self-interest and would effectively refuse to put one or more needed amendments before the states for ratification. We certainly see Congress, the presidents, and the courts playing a cynical game of blame avoidance while they collectively distort the legitimate Constitution, as properly amended by the Article V ratification process.