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Why Subscribe? The Breadth and Depth of Ricochet


typewriterFrom time to time, Ricochet members capture the incredible breadth of posts on a given day. This is far more than a center-right political discussion and rant site. I wonder if we might roll up a sort of topical author list. Here is my very imperfect and incomplete start. If you would, please share your own go-to post series or exceptional stand-alone entries.

From Gary McVey’s serial history of television in America, to the very long-running, always informative Hank Rhody series that started with “How to Build a Computer, Part 1 of N: Silicon,” to SeaWriter’s weekly book reviews, to SkipSul’s ongoing series on Orthodox iconography, this is an amazing-value web publication.

That does not even touch the poetry (often by Arahant) and food and photography posts, some singular and some occasional. “She” provides both recipes and fine stories in her “Friday food and drink posts.” You won’t find articles in any other publication as good as LC’s occasional posts on Khmer history and culture. I would not have pulled my DSLR camera out of storage and done several original reporting stories, were it not for RightAngles responding to a monthly theme prompt with an amazing, informative, illustrated article on the state of the stock photography business.

Summer Reading and Ricochet


I found out today that we have actual rocket scientists lurking among the Ricochet membership! Being a member of Ricochet means that me… Front Seat Cat, a mere average feline, can share a post with a rocket scientist! Not only that, we have poets, photographers, journalists, teachers, doctors, lawyers (nobody’s perfect), nurses, clergy, TV and talk show personalities, writers, military, comedians, politicians (nobody’s perfect), truck drivers, accountants, financial experts, concrete drivers, chefs, stuntmen (I made that up), farmers, models, people that admire cheerleaders, gardeners, wine and spirits experts (lots of those), and many other amazing personalities and talents.

I can’t believe I can converse with someone from Ireland, Romania, and Paris about religion, politics, or dinner! We have group meet-ups from Thailand to Milwaukee, clubs where like-minded cigar chompers or cat lovers can share interests and photos. There’s a prayer thread if you need a party line to the Creator on your behalf (who doesn’t?) and just personal support. There is no better site out there on the Internet. There are book and movie reviews, audio podcasts, and much more. Additional bonus: The awed and respected “Code of Conduct” means if you act like a schmuck, you’ll be told to cool it in no uncertain terms, (love the lightning bolt) or take your schmuckiness elsewhere. Most folks contain their schmuckiness, but nobody’s perfect…..

Which brings me to my original subject, Summer Reading! Nothing like a good book on the beach, near the pool, back porch or lounger in summer, with a cool libation of your choice, listening to birds, crickets and whiffing the charcoal scent of a neighbor cranking up the grill. Like I said, summer is for kicking back, taking the edge off of working — so whatever rocket scientists read in the lounge chair in summer, I don’t know, but what are you reading? I hope it’s not a GPS manual…..

Best of the Member Feed 2015


It’s that time of year again! Which were your favorite Member Feed posts from 2015? Please enter your nominations in the comments.

And please don’t hesitate to nominate your own posts — especially any overlooked ones that you think deserve a second look.

Member Post


People post a lot of videos here that I’d like to watch. I normally cannot watch them when the person posts them (St. Salieri’s upcoming music series is a good example, but not the only one). Since the member feed scrolls down pretty quickly, this means there is a lot of video content I don’t watch.  […]

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Every so often, Ricochetti make references to posts they wrote before I joined the site. I appreciate the ability to go back and read good posts from before my time. So, for the benefit of us newbies (and relative newbies): Do you have any posts you’re particularly proud of? Or, do you have any posts […]

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