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Whetting Your Appetite for Sasse


There have been quite a few posts here at Ricochet lately that have expressed enthusiasm for the junior senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse — and eagerness to learn more about him. In the your-wish-is-our-command department, this very day the Blue Yeti and I taped an episode of Uncommon Knowledge with the good senator.

Much more to follow, obviously, but I can tell you this much right now. You’re going to like what you hear.

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Some of us at Ricochet (including me) have criticized Will in the past.  But in “The Constitution Is Clear: Congress Should Legislate, Not the Administrative State,” George Will gets it right.  He’s writing on the delegation of legislative power from Congress to the executive branch, endorsing important critiques of that delegation from Clarence Thomas and […]

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As the GOP Primaries Draw to a Close, a Word of Thanks to the Tea Party


shutterstock_182901161The last important GOP primary will take place tomorrow in Kentucky, where Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to defeat — no, to bury — his Tea Party opponent, Matt Bevin. In the Nebraska Senate primary, Ben Sasse, who was generally viewed as the candidate most acceptable to the establishment, defeated three other candidates, at least two of whom presented themselves as Tea Party candidates. And in the North Carolina Senate primary, Thom Tillis, Speaker of the Republican-controlled House, defeated Greg Brannon, a Tea Party firebrand. And so it has gone across the country, with so-called establishment candidates defeating Tea Party candidates.

Even so, the Tea Party won — and won in a sweep.

To see what I mean, look at this excerpt from a an article on the North Carolina primary in the Economist: