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Ben Howe, author of The Immoral Majority: Christian Evangelicals and the Role they Play in the Era of Trump (due out this year) discusses his journey from the Tea Party to the Center, his favorite Marvel character, and why he doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t honest about their failures – especially politicians. Ben takes issue with using the Bible to pretend that you are pursuing your self-interests nobly and explains the problem with combining ideology with partisanship. Don’t miss a fascinating breakdown of how evangelical leaders have recast all of Trump’s sins as virtues and the danger of convincing a narcissist that his narcissism is virtuous. And stick around for Ben’s epic Christian Retreat Dad joke.

Ben Howe Releases #NeverTrump Documentary


As a prominent contributor and editor to RedState, Ben Howe has been Tea Party from the start. The conservatarian movement’s dedication to restoring a constitutional limited government that lived within its means was exactly what Howe was looking for. He took on ever-greater roles as an activist, communicator, and filmmaker to help achieve that lofty goal.

Then came 2016. Already frustrated by so-called “Tea Party” groups using the movement as a cash-grab, he was shocked to see “constitutional conservatives” throw their weight behind a candidate who made a mockery of their principles. Howe signed on early to the #NeverTrump effort, and wondered why so many of his former allies fell in love with one of Hillary Clinton’s most famous donors.