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Today’s guest, Chris Pandolfo, covers politics from beyond the Beltway, and Jack asks him what it’s like to observe Beltway bedlam from afar.


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Reading about Hollywood’s posturing poseurs delivering their goods at the Oscars (who can stand to watch this event?), as they ooze with self-righteousness and narcissism, triggers a pesky thought that no doubt erupts in the minds of countless normal people. That is, none of those luminaries strutting across the stage are affected by events or ideas targeted by their feverishly stroked, ego-driven drivel. Thus, the question arises, what if they were? More than that, what if America’s elites in the entertainment industry, political realm, media complexes, and academic institutions were forced to suffer the consequences of the views they hold, the policies they force on the rest of us? This tantalizing hypothetical is worth a thought experiment or two.

Let’s start with Obamacare, which many pundits on the right predict will collapse, implode, or turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Whatever. But nothing in Washington happens by itself; no policy ever self-destructs; it takes the political equivalent of plastic explosives piled as high as a skyscraper to make something happen. Unless, of course, Obamacare suddenly (and inexplicably) were applied to members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, their staffs, and everyone else on a government payroll. Then, before you could say “Affordable Healthcare,” Obama’s signature legislation would vanish overnight. And to the devil with the two trillion or so beneficiaries who would lose their coverage, according to the CBSO, the Congressional … um … Office. In short, forcing the lawmakers to obey their own laws would do wonders to clarify minds and speed up lethargic congressional processes.


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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.),who has been licking Trump’s boots and refusing to deplore his racist language, may have a tougher time. Does Cruz try to stay out of the way, or does he suddenly reverse (there is no one more opportunistic than he in the race) and decide he would be better served by following […]

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Over the long holiday weekend, America’s national debt crossed the $18 trillion mark. This, combined with the incompetence of a public sector that is fast squeezing out the private, is a partial reason for the GOP’s historic victory in the midterms. Voters might not be clamoring for a smaller government (would that they were), but they certainly want a functional one.

Don’t worry, America. Help is on the way: