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The internet can be a useful tool and it can be tool to fool the reader. Disinformation is not unique to bloggers and mainstream news agencies have been guilty of spreading disinformation. There are two ways that one can lie. You can lie by commission, or you can lie by omission. When I see a […]

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You’re Not Listening To Me


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I’m getting tired of all the so called experts on policing. Whether it’s David French, Radley Balko, or any number of Woke mayors, prosecutors, college professors, the ACLU, and the rest of the usual suspects. I don’t remember any of them wrestling around with me at 0200 hours helping me make an arrest of a suspect that had committed crimes ranging from assaults, vehicular homicide, or any other form of homicide, and robberies.

Some want police officers that are Golden Retrievers and not Belgian Malinois. There are times when you have to be both. I get that videos of arrests that result in violence are disturbing. In a very real way that is good that enough people find it disturbing. I was compassionate when I could be, and I could fight when I had to fight.

Catch, Hug, and Release


The following news story is why I never, ever vote for a Democrat. I don’t care if they are attractive, glib, or share their visit to the dentist on YouTube. I don’t care that they mouth the platitude of; “Country over Party.” Whether it is for a local office, state office, or federal office I never cast a vote for any Democrat.

New York lawmakers eliminated cash bail for many violent offenses beginning January 1, 2020.
New York, NY – Under the City of New York’s so-called justice reforms, suspects will no longer be held in jail for carrying weapons beginning in January.