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 I wholeheartedly agree that some areas of the criminal justice system are broken.  Here is something I did not know coming out of New Mexico (late 2016): Can’t Afford Bail? In One State, That Doesn’t Matter Anymore. “In New Mexico, as in the majority of the nation, judges use bail to detain people who they […]

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Splitting Up California? Not So Fast


One of the more talked about political developments of late here in California is a proposed ballot initiative that would split the state into six new entities. With the widespread unhappiness about how the state is governed, the proposal has received plenty of attention in the press. But can it work? As Ricochet editor Troy Senik and I explain over at City Journal, the answer to that question is a definitive no.

First of all, the complaint that California can’t be governed in its present state has some serious problems: