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Trump Takes the Cake


Have you ever seen such bravery? This bakery claims to “Welcome All Races.” I know, there are so many businesses these days that say, “I won’t serve you, you’re Asian,” but this place won’t stand for that. I believe even Eskimos could buy a cupcake here.

But that’s not all. They welcome, “All Religions.” So if you went in and said, “I worship Molech and our temple has a big sacrifice coming up. We’re going to slaughter a dozen younglings. Do you think you could bake a special cake for that?” It would not phase them in the least. “All Countries of Origin” are welcome as well. I bet if you tell them you’re not in the country legally you probably wouldn’t even have to pay for your knish.

“All Sexual Orientations” and “All Genders” are also welcome. I know, that one really set all you bigoted readers back. You probably work in an auto parts store where a woman comes in and you’ll say, “I’m sorry ma’am, we can’t sell this gasket to you. But we’d be happy to sell it to your husband.” Or you work at a fast food joint, and by policy, before you sell anyone a burger, you must first inquire about the guest’s views on bestiality. Not this bakery. Whatever freaky thing you do in the sack, they’re still willing to sell you a babka.

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Whenever I step onto our lanai, I can’t help but drop down to smell the plumeria blossom. The fragrance transports me to Hawaii, particularly Kona, where the palm trees sway, the ocean gently touches the sands and the sun almost always shines. There is no way to avoid that trip, but why would I want […]

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Greg Corombos of Radio America flies solo with Jim Geraghty off at the National Review Institute Ideas Summit.  Today, Greg applauds Budget Director Mick Mulvaney for challenging conventional liberal and media wisdom on spending and climate change.  He also cringes as Venezuela’s socialist government cracks down on bakeries for making unapproved goods for a starving population.  And he reacts to the report in the Cal State Long Beach student newspaper that milk is racist.