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The Great Books


Remember those 71 volumes of the Harvard Classics that you felt bound to read but after many minor starts, you set aside a volume and got lost in that detective series? So many books; so little time.

Well, the dreaded Amazon has published on Kindle all 71 volumes in one mostly well-linked file for a mere $1.99. Worth the price. Only 37,451 pages. I always have five or six books I’m reading, switching from one to the other, depending on my mood.

The Food Supply Chain is NOT “Breaking”


It was disappointing to read the ad in The New York Times & Washington Post today from Tyson Food’s CEO that “the food supply chain is breaking.” The media of course ran with that (and not much else), consistent with its own obvious strategy to spread fear. Tyson and a few other companies have had serious issues with Wuhan Virus victims, and some plants – some 30 in total, if what I read is correct, have had to close temporarily. Other plants have had partial shutdowns. But as a food industry veteran of 23 years, let me assure you – our food supply chain, while stressed, is NOT breaking.

Oh, sure, some are more stressed than others, some pretty severely, especially if ingredients or products from China are in your supply chain. If you are part of the “foodservice” supply chain, you’re really stressed.

Food and Drink Post: Horses Dovers and Canopies (Finger Foods)


Don’t you think it’s time to elevate the conversation around here? I do. Hence my high-toned original title for this post. I was dismayed when Mr. She (analogous sometimes in my life to the Bounteous Marie in @kentforrester’s) pointed out that most of my semi, and fully-fledged, deplorable fellow members probably wouldn’t cop to the furrin tongue I was puttin’ down. Hence the parenthetical clarification for y’all, y’unz, y’inzers, and anyone else who’s adrift.

I love finger foods. I love a plate full of little savories and sweetnesses, and even perhaps a few pieces of fruit on toothpicks with a glorious honey-vanilla dip. (This is one of my favorites. I usually serve it on the side, with pieces of fruit to dip.)

But, above all, I love everything wrapped in bacon! Shrimp. Cheese. Mushrooms. Veggies (must get the correct number of servings of healthful veggies every day). Chestnuts. Even bacon wrapped in itself! Or little bits of toast or cracker with (bacon and) glorious little bits of things on top (anything but kale, which is verboten in these matters).

Deep-Dish Gluten-Free Pizza Florentine Alfredo



For those who want to live forever and achieve heaven on earth, God created all the ingredients for Pizza Florentine Alfredo. Now, to make your life complete, I shall teach you how to combine them to create a masterpiece you will never forget. As with any pizza, it has a crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. This particular recipe will provide ingredients and instructions for gluten-free crusts, because the author of the recipe cannot eat any other kind. The primary toppings of this pizza are fresh baby spinach leaves, slivered or sliced almonds, and bacon because that’s what God intended those ingredients for is to be combined on a pizza.

This recipe is made in a 14” non-stick deep-dish pizza pan. If your pan is smaller, you might consider cutting the recipe. If your pan is larger, how do you fit it into your kitchen cabinets?

Bacon, Disordered Guilt, and Penance Signaling


I’ve written earlier about how we’ve been fed a crap sandwich about saturated fat being bad for our heart health. Take one classic and common example, using nearly everyone’s favorite indulgence: bacon.

Bacon, science tell us, is bad. Very, very bad. It’ll clog your arteries. It will kill you. Yet, our hearts break into song when we savor that sizzling and delicious bacon. Are you sure Adam didn’t take his humanity-damning bite from a bacon strip? Apples are good, dontcha know, so says science.

Unconstitutional CA Law Forces Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion


wide-b0827d5e12470eadc96938dbce042ab84879dfeb-s900-c85Imagine a state law that forced Weight Watchers to direct its health-conscious clients to locations where they’d be hard-sold piles of discount bacon. Delicious as Baconalia sounds to me and maybe you, what kind of government would threaten a weight-loss center for merely not promoting the very thing (weight gain) it was created to prevent?

Well, such a state government did pass such a law. And Alliance Defending Freedom is in federal court challenging it. ADF filed a complaint in federal court in October 2015 against the state of California for passing an unconstitutional law that forces pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion. The state law requires licensed medical centers that offer free, pro-life help to pregnant women to direct their patients and clients to state programs that offer free or discounted abortions. The pro-life centers, under the law, even have to give out the phone number for the abortion program!

And the case has generated serious national interest.

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After more than 20 years in New York you’d think I’d have learned just a little bit about the surrounding lay of the land. I confess, I’m still not quite clear on where New Hampshire even is, in relation to where I’m sitting in NY, as I type this, but I signed up for the […]

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First They Came for My Bacon


bacon-flagI feel like I’m being trolled. This announcement has all the ingredients to make me furious: it’s a “health” message in the New York Times, from a UN-ish Non-Governmental Busybody, aimed at governments around the world who interest themselves with their citizens’ eating habits.

In other words, it’s the perfect storm of nonsense. Plus, they’re trying to take away our bacon.

From the NYTimes:

A Shameful Confession…


I admit to writing this essay with a great deal of trepidation. As a Conservative, and as an American, and moreover as a Male, a Husband, and a Father, I feel that I have failed in fulfilling my moral, familial, and community obligations. I have gone back over this confession many times, have rehearsed the words in my mind and aloud in the confines of my garage many times, yet still my fingers tremble as I type this. I apologize to you all and beg for your forgiveness.

For I have been harboring a shameful and dark secret now for many years, and while I would, for your sakes and for your peace of mind, gladly continue to live this lie, I am driven to confess for the sake of my own sanity. I cannot even look my own wife or our own dear, sweet daughters in the eyes any more, concealing this festering wound as I do. I must unburden myself and throw my fate upon your mercy.

Better Living Through Chemistry


My father tells a story about my grandfather, who was a kosher supervisor in a hotel in the late 1950s and early ’60s. The hotel management came to him with a question: Could they serve non-dairy creamer, which had recently been invented?

On one level, it’s an easy question. Jewish law prohibits eating meat and dairy products together, even in minute quantities. But non-dairy creamer, being non-dairy, technically should be safe to eat as part of a meat meal. On the other hand, there are various second-order regulations to protect against ignorance: It’s important to avoid the appearance of a violation, because people might not realize what they are seeing. They might come away thinking something is permitted that is actually forbidden.