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Should Aziz Ansari’s Accuser Be Exposed?


Over at TheDirty.com, the accuser and source of the Aziz Ansari story published at Babe has been identified. In the headline to the piece the woman is named, and the writer explains “[she] does not deserve to be anonymous.”

For someone who writes their opinion online for a living, and has penned many articles about the #MeToo movement and sexual abuse and harassment over the years, I find myself at a loss. Should Ansari’s accuser be publicly named and should she experience the same firestorm she inflicted upon a guy she went on one bad date with?

2018: The Left’s Year of Fat Shaming, Ageism, and Mansplaining


Given how 2017 went, it was only to be expected that 2018 would get even more unhinged. It seems in the Age of Trump, the ends justify the means, and so, we’re seeing a lot of liberals engage in fat shaming, ageism, and mansplaining in order to buttress “The Resistance.”

Yesterday the President’s doctor gave a news conference on the state of the President’s health. It was one of the most detailed and lengthy in the Trump White House’s history, and despite the fact that the doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson, was Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s as well, many are questioning everything from his findings about the President’s heart health, mental state, and weight. On the latter, the President quickly became the butt of jokes from those who questioned if the President is indeed 239 pounds. The ladies of the View, many of whom are fat-shamed regularly, devoted an entire segment to the “girther movement.”

Feminism’s Mixed #MeToo Messages


Over the weekend, feminist site “Babe” published what was meant as a takedown of comedian Aziz Ansari’s sexual offenses against a woman he went on a date with last year. Ansari just won a Golden Globe, and Babe reported,

We spoke to Grace [his accuser] last week. When we met, Ansari had just won Best Actor for his Netflix show “Master Of None” at the Golden Globes, where he declared his support for the fight against sexual assault and harassment by wearing a “Time’s Up” pin on the red carpet.

This was apparently enough hypocrisy to warrant Babe’s takedown of Ansari given his persona as a “witty, woke alternative to the stereotypical douchebag bro.” The Babe piece was apparently proof that despite his support of women against sexual assault and harassment, he himself was guilty of it.

Small Screen Reviews: Master of None


monSo maybe someone here can help me. Aziz Ansari is an up-and-coming comedian. Even if you don’t know his name, you might have seen him on Parks & Recreation as the young go-getter saddled with layabout ne’er-do-well best friend and girlfriend (of sorts). He’s had a stand-up performance on Netflix, and most recently has a Netflix series called “Master of None“.

For the life of me I just don’t find him funny.

Maybe I’m missing something, or he’s just not my type of humor. “Master of None” must be full of it because I find I watch this show waiting for the laugh. And occasionally it comes. Occasionally there’s that one line that makes me guffaw … and then we’re back to boring. In fact, I had hoped to write this review long ago, after I finished all 10 episodes of season one on Netflix. However I’ve found that I am stuck on episode five. Whenever I’m looking for something to watch, I circle around it like a fish examining bait, but decide it’s not for me and opt for something better.