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Confessions of a Walking Faux Pas


I’ve been reading with amusement these online collections of “First Dates that Went Wrong,” or “Wedding Disasters.” Unfortunately, my enjoyment calls for a dose of humility, because it seems like any time I’m invited to a social gathering, I do something awkward and difficult to explain away. Here are several gaffes from which I’ve recovered enough to feel comfortable sharing:

Wedding Fumbles:  This rural wedding was a bit of a drive, but as usual, I thought I had plenty of time. Then I found myself rushing to the grocery store to pick up the strawberries for the ice cream topping I’d signed up for and grab a card. Unfortunately, I dropped the carton of strawberries inside Wal-Mart and they rolled out on the floor. I picked them up, drove tensely out of town to the wedding site, and showed up breathless to help the now stressed food coordinator cut up the strawberries. I explained about dropping them, but this being Montana, the wedding helpers said that was fine, and we just washed them and used them anyway. I probably did find my seat in the outdoor ceremony on time. But when I went to sign the card  . . . I happened to look closely and saw that the couple would not be receiving a written congratulations from me, as in my haste, I had selected a warm well wishes for an anniversary. One of the kitchen helpers remarked to me that the strawberries were very good on that ice cream.