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Thanks for Excellence


November 2020 offered two shining public examples of humans “being best:” one on a racecourse in Turkey, the other racing up from Cape Canaveral to meet the International Space Station. Formula 1 went racing in Turkey on Sunday, November 15, in the rain. The unworldly talent, Lewis Hamilton, started in sixth position and stayed there for much of the race. Then the unexpected happened, as might have been expected.

Closer to home, in all the ground clutter of Democrats trying to steal our republic, you might not have noticed that Space X Crew Dragon roared off the launch pad with four astronauts aboard on November 16. We can be thankful for the individuals and entire systems that produce such amazing achievements while noting that they are gravely endangered by the global leftist movement, to which they at least pay lip service.

Space history:

This Is How You Start a Presidential Race


President Trump brought The Beast and Air Force One to Daytona Motor Speedway Sunday. Notice that NASCAR knows its customers and is not going to alienate them. So, NASCAR invited the president to be their grand marshal for the opening race of the 2020 season, the Daytona 500.

President Trump did a fly-by with Air Force One as the crowd waited for the beginning of the big race on Sunday, then rolled into the race track with his motorcade, stepping out of The Beast to greet the crowd and start the race, He and First Lady Melania Trump led the first warm-up lap in the presidential vehicle. The race was soon shut down, as a rainstorm came in, and will end up being run on Monday, Presidents Day.

After meeting people at the speedway and delivering brief remarks, Trump kicked off the race by announcing to the drivers: “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

RIP, Dan Gurney


Someone said, I don’t remember who, that all you need to know about Dan Gurney is in this photo of him, taken near Riverside, California in 1956. What 1,000 words does it inspire? Fearless is certainly one of them, and that’s good enough to start this conversation.

It’s fine if you don’t know who Dan Gurney is; I both did and didn’t, and I’m a race fan. For starters, there’s the matter of the Gurney Flap. Dan was testing a car at Phoenix with Bobby Unser and it needed more stability. He fabricated a solution in the matter of an hour. His solution changed both racing and aircraft, particularly helicopters. The principle of his solution is why race cars go as fast as they do today and remain stable and helps keep helicopters from spinning on their tails.