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Let me get right to it. We need a real audit of this election, and that looks nothing like the farce that was just concluded in Georgia, which did not involve any attempt to identify fraudulent votes or verify any of the election records, including something as basic as matching signatures on absentee ballot envelopes […]

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Are We Watching Failure Theater? Because Team Trump’s Actions Don’t Make Any Sense.


Maybe Giuliani, Murtaugh, Stepien, etc. have some different, better course of action planned that I cannot begin to guess at, but otherwise what’s happening (or not happening) isn’t making any sense.

Let’s be honest; everyone knew from the onset that no judge is going to set aside the results, or delay the certification of the election, and no state legislature is going to send a different slate of electors without incontrovertible evidence of election fraud in sufficient volume to change the outcome.